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What to wear? - it’s the biggest question women ask themselves when getting dressed for work in the morning, or changing for a dinner date in the evening. Actually, it may be one of the most asked questions in a women's life! But why loose time on this silly question when there is a recipe to look great in just under 5 minutes?

All you need are these ingredients:

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A pair of perfectly fitted jeans, a plain white t-shirt, one pair of timeless sneakers, a huge tote bag, some classic black heels, a tailored blazer, a to-die-for cross body bag and finally some timeless jewellery that complements your personal style.

The real struggle is finding the ideal outfit for every occasion. But with our wardrobe recipe you’ll never go wrong. It’s super simple - and it just takes 5 minutes to create the foundation for an easy and perfect look.
Start with a pinch of jeans. It’s important that they flatter you. Ask yourself: Am I skinny or curvy? Is my body shape comparable to an hourglass, a pear, apple or more like a triangle? Choose a style that fits your body type. There are so many different options, be it a skinny style, boyfriend-jeans or a flared leg, there's something to fit you perfectly, too!
Once you've found the perfect jeans, we can continue with the next ingredient. Shop jeans at REBELLE!

The perfect match to your favourite jeans: Add a white plain t-shirt. Invest in good quality and fit and you’ll never regret it. White T-Shirts are too boring? We love logo shirts like this one by MSGM! True to the motto „Blue jeans, white shirt“ you've created a superb base to build on for every occasion! Top it off with some classic white sneakers like these ones by Isabel Marant. It will make your outfit look cool and casual.
To round everything off you should definitely stir in a high quality it-bag. Gucci, Chanel, Valentino...you can never go wrong with these style staples! You don’t need loads of bags, just one or two that never let you down! Go for one big bag, such as a tote or a shopper. They are your perfect everyday companion for office life or a stroll through the city! For more chic occasions invest in a to-die-for cross body bag. Wearing bags crossbody is comfy and keeps your hands free, but it looks elegant at the same time - A win-win situation!

And just in case you need to add a sprinkle of classic high heels to your end result: Remember they should be stylish and comfy. Plateaus are the key to your foot-happiness, as they will elongate your silhouette, but your feet are still going to thank you. And thanks to your tote bag, you can carry all your after-work accessories around with you: Just try the jeans, a white shirt and some sneakers and toss the high heels in the bag. When needed, you can change up your look in just a few seconds! And finally for a dash of sophistication, simply keep a great blazer close to hand. You decide: Loose fit, tailored or a smoking style jacket? Just choose whichever one fits your individual style best. It’s all about what feels good to you!

Stir all ingredients together and serve: A Michelin starred outfit is waiting for you, our dear celebrity chef!


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