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Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Winter. Well, winter onset can be unpredictable. However, winter is coming and you can’t start early enough to prepare your wardrobe for the cold season. In this guide, we show you how to optimally prepare your wardrobe for the change of season and which winter essentials are worth investing in!

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Easy Wardrobe Makeover

  • Declutter summer pieces you’re tired of. Re-sell them to find a new owner who will love them just as much as you used to, as well as fund a budget for your winter essentials.
  • Keep any pieces you can still wear in autumn/winter, such as lightweight blazers, jackets and cardigans. Don’t just put away all the dresses! Chunky boots, tights and jackets can take your dresses from summer to winter.
  • Store your summer clothes in a clean and dry area.

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  • Use our stylish artist box to store your designer pieces safely and help keep your wardrobe a bit tidier.Optimally designed, it opens at the front so you don’t have to move the lid to put items in. Be sure to get our artist box set of 3! The box set
  • Organise shirts and sweaters according to colour.
  • Hang coats, jackets, trousers, dresses and skirts by type.
  • Stack underwear, socks as well as tights side by side, instead of on top of each other, so you can actually see what’s in the pile and easily pull things out.

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Winter Essentials worth investing in:

1. Leather jacket
Layer it over sweaters or cardigans or even under your outerwear.
2. Down jacket
If temperature goes below zero.
3. Shearling coat
Stay cozy and stylish. Even with a faux shearling coat!
4. Oversize scarf
It can also be used as a blanket when you shiver with cold in office.
5. Chunky boots
Can take your summer dress from summer to winter.
6. Blazer
It winterizes all your sleeveless summer tops.
7. Leather pants
Mix it with a wool sweater and wear over tights.
8. Animal prints
Leopard, snake, cow and zebra prints are the key prints for the new season!

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9. Checked fabrics
Real competition for animal prints are checked fabrics. Most trending: the Nova Check lining by Burberry is worn inside out.
10. The colour brown
It’s definitely the new black – from Fendi’s beige and brown monogrammed bags to Chloés ‘70’s shades of brown.
11. Cowboy boots
One of the most coveted trend this year! D&G, Fendi and Emporio Armani are taking the Wild West inspired footwear to autumn/winter.
12. Mini shoulder bags
Dior’s Saddle bag had a huge comeback this year and brought mini shoulder bags back into the spotlight!
13. Fashion Agenda
Start preparing for 2019 now and make your plans for the new year in our Hadron Epoch x REBELLE Fashion Planner! The little pocket book will not only make your year more manageable, but also guide you through all important fashion events and happenings.


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