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Ever had one of those days when you seriously hate everything in your wardrobe? Or has „I have nothing to wear“ become one of your most overused phrases? Even though it may seem like it, it's rarely the case that we really don’t have anything to wear - it is more about how we view our wardrobe, and the psychology behind what we think we can wear.
Therefore, we've put together 3 steps that will help you to detox your wardrobe and rebuild one that works for you.


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Step 1
Get some boxes and label them with „sell“, „maybe“, „back in my closet“, „alter/customise“ and „trash bag“.

Trash box:
Toss anything that is ripped or stained, super dirty or too worn to give away.

Sell box:
Put everything in the box that's still in a good enough condition to sell or is of value

Maybe box:
If an item fits and is in a good condition but you simply cannot decide whether you like it or not, put in in the Maybe Box. Store the box somewhere you won't see it every day and then decide whether you really miss any of the items in there. If you completely forget about them it's a sure sign that you can get rid of them for good.

Customise box:
Put all items in this box that you like but don’t fit quite right, to have them tailored. Of course, only do this if the costs are worth it.
Also, put any items in this box that need a simple repair job such as hemming or replacing a button, as well.

Back in your closet box:
Anything that you love or wear a lot deserves to go back into your closet. This also includes any clothes that are wardrobe staples or classic and timeless pieces, such as a black blazer for work, a cashmere sweater, white sneakers, a leather jacket or a classic dark blue jeans.

Step 2
Examine every single item in your closet, perhaps try it on and then put it in one of these boxes.
As you are going through everything, ask yourself the following questions:

Does it fit?
Have I worn it in the last year? Be absolutely honest! I you haven’t worn an item in the last year, you'll probably never wear it again.

Does it have a history?
Keep things which have a history or good memories, but not necessarily in your closet if your don’t wear it often. Find a place where they don’t get dusty.
Does it make me feel good? Whether it is the cut, the colour or the style - if you don’t feel good in this, you are less likely to wear it.

Does it go with other things in my wardrobe?
If you have a piece that absolutely doesn't work with anything else in your closet, it’s really hard to combine it and that means that you won’t wear it.

Is it in good condition? Can it easily be fixed or am I actually going to take it to get fixed? We all know those piece we stitch over and over again, because we love them so much, we cant get rid of them. Be honest - your favorite pair of jeans cant be fixed for the twelfth time. Time to say goodbye then.

Is it annoying to wear?
You will probably never wear those uncomfortable jeans or that scratchy sweater ever again, so it's better to get rid of it.

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Step 3
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