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  • Across the world, 130 million school-age girls do not attend school
  • 650 million women live in marriages entered into before their 18th birthday

Together with the children's aid organisation Plan International, REBELLE has set up the initiative ‘REBELLE with a cause’. This project supports the global Plan movement ‘Girls Get Equal’, which promotes equality and better educational opportunities for girls and young women.

Plan International campaigns against outdated role models, violence and abuse as well as for a life lived independently. The girls’ funds make a significant contribution towards alleviating underprivilege, poverty and violence. Our aim in conjunction with Plan International is to support girls in building and being able to actively shape their own future.

For this reason, the charity initiative 'REBELLE with a cause' is taking further steps this year towards equal opportunities:

Give girls a better future!

Step 1. Shopping for a good cause!

We donated 5 euros to the children’s aid organisation Plan International for each order made until 8 December 2019. Each order counted, whether it was a charity product or not.

Step 2. Shop bloggers' closets!

Influencers such as Jessie Weiss from Journelles, Lisa Banholzer from Blogger Bazaar, Juliane Diesner from Styleshiver and many other generous donators have parted with their previous designer favourites and are selling them on REBELLE.com. The sales proceeds from these charity products labelled with the Plan International logo will go straight to the children’s aid organisation as a donation.

Step 3. Be a REBELLE with a cause!

You can get involved in our initiative too, as with ‘REBELLE with a cause’ your donated clothing is easily turned into a cash donation. One click is all you need to donate the proceeds from your sale directly to Plan International. And that's not all: For every article sold, we donate the service fee plus the entire commission so 100% of the sales proceeds benefit the plan project.

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You can find further information about the project „Girls Get Equal“ and how to donate at www.plan-international.org


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