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We did it again: the REBELLE Artist Boxes have a new look! This time, artist Paul Schrader has decorated them with three colourful paintings from his archive. We met Paul in his studio in Hamburg and spoke with him about his designs, painting technique and passion for art!

Interview Paul

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How would you describe your journey to becoming an artist and what motivated you the most?
Art fascinates me. The source of my passion comes from an inner drive that makes art so special to me and keeps me motivated.

Can you describe your art in three words?
Feeling, composition, touch.

What inspires you?
Different moods and colour palettes always give me new ideas.

Credit cards, silicone spoons, and Hermès tie boxes – your painting technique is just as colourful as your creations themselves. What is the intention behind it, or how did you get the idea to use these tools?
Thanks to their varying textures, all materials have a different effect on the paint and how it is applied. Each tool used alters the style a little. That’s what makes experimenting with them so exciting.

The Artist Boxes feature three images from your archive. What are they called and what do they stand for?
All of the works are from my “Gegenwart” (PRESENT) series. By captivating the viewer, I wish to give them the opportunity to extend the present, i.e. the here and now, and that happens automatically when you consciously look at an image. Leaving the daily grind behind and taking a pause to consider what exactly it is on the canvas that you find so moving.

Why did you choose these 3 designs?

The three works wonderfully reflect my body of work.

What will you keep in your limited edition REBELLE artist box?
I have no idea, but they’re extremely practical.

What artworks do you have on display at home?
Many of my own works, of course, but also pictures I bought at auction or exhibitions.

Do you have a favourite vintage piece at home (fashion or interior design)?
Yes, I have an old kitchen lamp that once hung in a Czech lorry factory.

Who is your biggest role model?
Jean-Michel Basquiat.

What city do you currently call home and what about it do you find fascinating?
I live in Hamburg. I love this city like crazy and it serves as a great basis for everything I do.

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"Just do it"

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Your favourite creative quote vs. the most-heard appeal to reason?
Just do it vs. I’ll have to think about it.

Do you sometimes have difficulties parting ways with an artwork or are you always happy to sell one of your artworks?
It is always hard to let go of your own artworks, especially because only the best ones sell. However, I’m all the more excited when I see a piece of my artwork again. In principle, every separation creates room for new ideas and thoughts.

What advice would you give to young artists who wish to follow their passion?
Just do it.


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