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...and new year's resolutions? Use this opportunity to make 2017 your year - with bold and fresh looks from Saint Laurent to Diane von Furstenberg! This doesn't mean you have to toss all of your pieces and replace them with other styles. The key is to build your wardrobe around timeless pieces that update your look instantly. Dont hesitate to mix and match a classy and timeless DvF wrap dress with trendy flared jeans. Set a statement with to-die-for handbags like a classy Chanel or a timeless Hermès Birkin bag. Cool Sneakers from brands like Gucci or Chanel complete the look. You’re not that much into dresses? Then try to combine a chic Max Mara coat with fancy Isabel Marant boots and a cool Acne sweater. Sylistic inconsistency is the key to create unique and fresh looks and 2017 is the perfect occasion to try something new. Don’t be shy and mix and match all your favorite vintage pieces with some new fashionable trends: a timeless Hermès Birkin bag and a chilly Vetements hoodie, the stylish Acne Velocite jacket and a romantic Isabel Marant dress, sexy Stuart Weitzman Overknee boots and a cool sweater dress or vintage denim skirts combined with a heavy Iro leather jacket. Shop the look here!

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