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The 27-year-old artist has a studio in the heart of Hamburg. This is where he came up with his designs for the REBELLE Artist Boxes, Canvas Bags and Vintage Louis Vuitton bags. Reason enough to pay him a visit to watch him at work and ask him about his art. Learn all about his inspiration, civil disobedience, and his biggest thrill.

IPMC aka Tronje Thole van Ellen

Hochkant 1

Hochkant 3

Why is your artist’s name IPMC?

International Pony (with a ‘y’) used to be a German funk band – back in the days when I was a little lost musically, and listened to a lot of American funk and soul – that’s why I chose International Poni (with an ‘i’) as my graffiti name. I’ll only start using my real name once I’ve decided where I fit in artistically, which is why International Poni, or the abbreviation IPMC, is the name I have been using for a while now.

Can you describe your art in three words?

Necessary, juicy, high-powered

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

My journey so far can be compared to that of a free artist. I still can’t bring myself to call my work ‘art’, so I usually talk about my ‘work’. In that context, I am a worker.

What was your inspiration for our collaboration?

It’s always inspirational to bring a free spirit, like myself, into the luxury fashion industry. It’s a symbiosis that is found almost exclusively in the fashion world. Once I had met with REBELLE, the designs I created were a logical consequence of that meeting.

What do you love most about art from a spray can?

The radical and uncompromising colour application. Graffiti is always a symbol of civil disobedience. I like to rub people up the wrong way.

Graffiti often has hidden content. What message does your art send?

Art is a luxury problem. If my house is on fire, I won’t rescue the Mondrian first.

You don’t just paint canvases, you also paint designer bags, thereby creating a symbiosis between art and fashion. What excites you about working with designer pieces?

Big fashion houses have defined the global language of luxury, and I’m happy to get involved in that. Additionally, I get a huge thrill whenever I use a €2,000 designer bag as a canvas.

Do you have a favourite designer?

When I saw Vivienne Westwood, I cried.

You’ve reinterpreted Hermès, Gucci, and Chanel with the new Canvas Bags. What was the intent behind that?

I find it exciting to give a valuable material asset an additional ideological meaning.

GIF2 breit

My art can be found in my studio and in private households – and hopefully in my friends hearts!

Hochkant 4 FLOUIS

What will you keep in your limited edition REBELLE box?

I’d like to say sex toys, but it will most likely be pencils.

You’re from Hamburg – where are your favourite spots in the Hanseatic city?

I prefer a genuine conversation over trendy ‘hot spots’ – this can take place at 5 in the morning on the Reeperbahn, sat on a step in the Gängeviertel, or while taking a stroll on the moon.

Where can we find your art?

My art can be found in my studio and in private households – and hopefully in my friends’ hearts, as well. My visual works can be found all over the world. I’m especially proud of an improvised wall mural I made on a guru’s temple in Pushkar, India.


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