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Rebels post1 JOU

A little "rebelling" never killed nobody! Are you sick and tired of boring and dreary looks? We have the perfect solution for you!
Be a style rebel and try something new with cool and naughty statement-looks from Stella McCartney to Valentino! Shop all looks here! Who said you can’t wear leather skirts with flatform loafers? Do whatever you like, because if you like it- you can wear it! Fashion has no rules. And if someone tells you differently - rules are made to be broken! Scream it out loud - with logo-shirts, bomber jackets and statement sunglasses.

How about wearing these Stella McCarntey lace-up shoes in combination with a checkered Moschino skirt and a heavy bomber jacket by Acne? There are a million ways to show your inner style rebel, you just have to be courageous. Logo prints are our favourite style of the season. You can rock them with Saint Laurent destroyed jeans and Chanel plateau sandals.

Rebels post2 JOU

A Chanel Boy bag is the perfect go to piece and fits every wardrobe. The chained version is too much? Then try something simpler like this pink Valentino Rockstud bag.

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You’re not into attracting too much attention? Then focus on your accessories in the beginning: We love this Moschino iPhone cover and this statement-belt!

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