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Heard and read many times, especially in context to fashion and secondhand: VINTAGE.

But what does vintage mean and what's the story behind it?

The name vintage comes from the wine industry and originally meant a particularly exquisite wine. Today he generally describes older objects, while still focusing on the idea of a certain value. Below you can find out exactly what this means for the fashion world!

Everything about vintage!

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Vintage = fashion for eternity
This word has established itself above all as a style designation in fashion, i.e. for clothing, jewellery & accessories. Vintage can only be described as original pieces from the past decades or from older collections of a designer, which come from second hand or have never been sold before, they are stored and unused.

Same, same but different!
A difference has to be made between really old pieces: as a rule, parts from the 1920s to the 1980s are declared vintage – and pieces that are only apparently old, in so-called vintage optics. Most of the unique pieces can be found in second-hand shops, but there are still residual stocks that have never been worn. In fashion today, designs from the 90s are already referred to as vintage. The vintage look refers to designs that give the impression of being relics of a long-gone fashion era.

The vintage movement
The vintage movement originated in the 1990s in Great Britain and represents a counter-trend to the ever faster and more futuristic end of the 20th century. Instead of the unified fashion of growing textile chains, young people in particular consciously wore old clothes again.

Vintage goes Hollywood
The vintage trend movement was triggered in 2001 by the actress Julia Roberts at the Oscars. She was nominated for her role in Erin Brockovich as best female leading actress, won and appeared on stage in a breathtaking Valentino dress. The clou: the noble designer piece was already more than 20 years old. The result? From this event on, rejected clothing suddenly became socially acceptable again.

What makes vintage so irresistible?
These are exclusive unique pieces that you rarely encounter a second time, because vintage rarities have a special history and an absolute rarity character. Moreover, more than ever before, vintage fashion offers the opportunity to express oneself in one's own clothing style. It means individuality and the freedom to wear something other than what is fashionable at the moment. Be yourself & wear vintage!

Good to know:
1. For some time now, classic perfumes that have been on the market for a long time, such as Chanel Nº 5, have also been referred to as vintage.
2. In contrast to the term retro, vintage refers exclusively to the material and texture of a product and less to its historical background.

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