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“I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet.“ Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw knew it all along: the best thing to invest in is a designer piece! The market for second-hand handbags in particular is constantly growing. Seven years ago, it was valued at €5.6 million, and in the last year, it has grown to €29 million. But which It-bags are the best investments purchases to make? We asked our brand experts for you! Read their answers below.

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1st place: Hermès Birkin Bag / Current price: Starting from approx. €8,000 / Resale value: Starting from approx. €15,000 / Launch: 1984
It is the most expensive handbag in the world, the undisputed #1 great investment with guaranteed value retention. It is also known as the bag that you can secure a decent profit by reselling, right after purchase. An encounter on a plane between the head of Hermès at the time, Jean-Louis Dumas, and actress and singer Jane Birkin brought this bag to life.

2nd place: Hermès Kelly Bag / Current price: €6,200 / Resale value: Starting from approx. €8,000 / Launch: 1935
Since the 1950s, this bag has been named after the American film actress, Grace Kelly. Just like its big sister, the Birkin, the Kelly Bag is highly sought after thanks to its limited availability and long waiting times.

3rd place: Chanel 2.55 / Current price: €4,500 / Resale value: From approx. €2,200 to €4,000 / Launch: 1955
Coco Chanel developed the 2.55 bag for the modern woman. It was the first handbag model for women that could be worn over the shoulder. Until then, all ladies’ handbags had short handles and were carried by hand. The form of the Flap Bag has changed slightly over the years. The so-called “Mademoiselle” clasp that features a rotating bar to keep the top flap from opening was changed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s to a clasp featuring Coco Chanel’s initials and the new Chanel logo.

4th place: Chanel Boy Bag / Current price: €3,980 / Resale value: Starting from approx. €3,900 / Launch: 2011
The myth surrounding the intimate connection between Coco Chanel and her muse Boy Capel inspired Karl Lagerfeld to create the Boy Bag. Within an incredibly short time, it has evolved into one of the absolute classics by Chanel. The bag is available in new colour and material combinations every season.

5th place: Céline Luggage / Current price: €2,500 / Resale value: Starting from approx. €2,200 / Launch: 2010
Designer Phoebe Philo, who has been Head Designer at Céline since 2008, helped the brand initiate a fashion revival. Above all, it is the Céline Luggage that has become a favourite for many fashionistas and bloggers.

6th place: Louis Vuitton Keepall / Current price: €1,300 / Resale value: Starting from approx. €1,000 / Launch: 1930
The Keepall is one of the most popular travel bags by Louis Vuitton. In addition to the famous Monogram Canvas, with the intertwining initials and quatrefoils on a brown background, the bag is available in many other designs, such as the Monogram Damier, Epi Leather, and Monogram Multicolore.

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Reasons why the resale value of classic handbags is increasing so drastically:
The resale value increases from year to year, as the original prices for purchasing exclusive designer bags new continue to show persistent growth. Some fashion labels even increase the original price twice a year. For an entry-level Hermès Birkin Bag, the original price in 1984 was still as low as €2,500, and today this figure has almost tripled!
Another reason is the scarcity strategy, used primarily by labels like Hermès. The bags are very difficult to get hold of, and are only available upon request and with a long waiting time, which can last up to several years. The scarcity increases the demand: The rarer a product is, the greater the incentive is to get hold of it – and the more people there are who are willing to pay for it. Bags that are part of a limited edition series or a designer cooperation are also more attractive and this pushes up the resale value. Some special editions of the Hermès Birkin Bag are valued at over €50,000. However, models that are no longer in production are also highly sought after and make for an excellent investment. Rare Chanel bags can be sold for up to 300% over the original price.
The quality of the materials used and of the manufacturing process is another reason for the long-lasting hype surrounding the bags. For example, all Hermès Birkin Bags are made by hand by leatherworkers and bag makers in a Parisian studio at Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré according to old traditions, in a process that lasts over 20 hours. These kinds of quality products depreciate very little in value, and often gain a nice patina with some wear.

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The biggest designer comebacks worth investing in:
On the one hand Gucci is truly worth investing in. With Gucci, we can see the same effect that we have observed with the label Céline. A new designer is able to liberate a big label from its somewhat dusty image and revitalise it. Alessandro Michele’s successful newest collections radiate a sense of the past and increase their value. On the other hand Dior is celebrating a big comeback! Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri has brought the groove back to the traditional fashion house since she entered her position in 2016 – and has done so with old designs! The Saddle Bag was reimagined in the Autumn/Winter season 2018/19 and is almost identical to its predecessor from the 2000s. The redesign of the handbag also garners new interest in the older models.

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