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Last week we visited the stately home of Sue Giers in Hamburg’s Harvestehude neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw away from the extensive shopping boulevard Eppendorfer Baum. Sue was one of the first sellers who used the Personal Fashion Concierge at REBELLE and sells her beautiful pieces since then on the website. Find her pre-loved pieces here. All 8 rooms and two bathrooms are lined up around a well of light that pervades this complete multi story residence, just like the beads on a pearl necklace. The only window in the stylish entrance hall is decorated with a floral glass painting.
Here lives Hamburg’s Fashionista Sue Giers, together with her two daughters Emily and Josephine and her son Rufus. Sue is the brainchild behind the successful Blogzine SoSue and also part of the executive board at Hamburg’s boutique Linette, where she is responsible for the buying and merchandising division.
SoSue is a Pandora’s box of lifestyle information, shopping tips and also the place to buy Sue’s newest endeavour, a collection of cool T-Shirts she designed herself together with illustrator Kerra Till. Which you can buy online in her personal shop.

Interview with Sue Giers

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How often do you detox your wardrobe?

About 2-4 times a year. I have to be in the right frame of mind to actually say goodbye to my pieces.

What was your first ever designer purchase?

A Prada two piece suit, which I bought in Venice with my first pay check.

What piece in your wardrobe will you still be wearing in 10 years?

My favourite pair of jeans!

How do you build your wardrobe?

2/3 basics, 1/3 key pieces, 1/3 accessories and lots of vintage.

Vintage or runway?

I love vintage!

What’s your special tip for a great closet clean out?

Always keep classic pieces - get rid of fashion pieces

How long have you been using the Personal Fashion Concierge service?

Pretty much from the beginning- I’m very busy with my job and kids, so this is a fantastic service from REBELLE, saving me lot’s of time and hassle.

What are the benefits of using the Personal Fashion Concierge service for you personally?

Well, it really couldn’t be easier: I simply select everything I don’t want anymore and it’ll just be collected from my home. I prefer a quick collection, as otherwise I’ll just start taking things out of the bags again…Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of the pieces…You make memories with them…and I have two girls…

To whom would you recommend the Personal Fashion Concierge service?

To everyone who is super busy and perhaps also needs a bit of help with saying goodbye to some old pieces.

Your favorite longterm designer piece?

I invest my money in beautiful coats. I have a wonderful Céline coat which cost me a fortune but I know that I am gonna wear it forever. And also bags, I think they are longterm investments. Like a Chanel bag, I will have forever.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have to admit - I never have enough shoes.

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Jenny Kemper - Personal Fashion Concierge at Rebelle

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Jenny has been a Personal Fashion Concierge for REBELLE for the last 4 years. She visits our customers at their home, picks up any designer pieces they don’t want anymore and brings them to our head office. During this time, she’s gathered quite some experience and has many fascinating and sometimes funny stories to tell.
She regularly supports our customers with detoxing their wardrobes and helps them with setting realistic prices for their pre- owned pieces. With our Personal Fashion Concierge service REBELLE offers customers an all- inclusive package. The idea is pretty easy: you decide which pieces you want to sell and we’ll take care of everything else! You only need to pay a commission once your item is sold successfully.

How many customers do you have?

I probably have around 100 customers in and around Hamburg

What was the most unusual item a customer wanted to give you? And did you take it with you?

I remember a pair of croc leather boots that a customer had bought for € 22,000! Of course I took them with me, as pieces such as these are extremely rare! We put them online for € 17,000, as they were in a perfect condition!

How often do your customers detox their wardrobes?

My regular customers change their wardrobes twice a year to accommodate for the summer and winter seasons. I’m also often called in between, when they are going on holidays and sorting through their wardrobes.

How many items do you usually take with you?

This completely depends on the customer, but on average I’d say it would be around 30 pieces. With my regular customers it can quickly be between 100-150 pieces.

What kind of items don’t you take?

If the pieces have already been worn too much or are damaged. I also prefer not to take lingerie or swimwear, as they are quite difficult to sell pre-owned.

Most bizarre experience?

I’d scheduled an evening appointment to meet a customer for a clothing handover sometime in late autumn. For some reason we met in a small, dark alley and all the pieces were in the client’s boot of her car. I felt like I was in a bad detective story, with a villain just waiting to jump on me around the corner….

How do you decide which pieces to take with you?

Pieces that are from well-known designers and luxury brands tend to sell much better on REBELLE, that’s why I focus on these kinds of brands. Sometimes a unique piece from a young and upcoming designer will also make it online, but these have to be really hot fashion pieces.

5 tips to detox your wardrobe

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe
  2. Sort all items into piles…trousers, jumpers, dresses…
  3. Try everything on
  4. Sort into two piles: Fits/ doesn’t fit
  5. Everything that’s in the “doesn’t fit” pile needs to go straight away, so it doesn’t just end up in the back of the wardrobe again

What pieces would you say are wardrobe staples?

The perfect pair of jeans, a white blouse, a jumper in a great quality, a leather jacket and a black dress.

Do you sometimes convince customers to hang on to specific pieces?

If I notice that a customer is having trouble saying goodbye to a specific piece, I ask her to try it on for me and then give her my honest opinion. She’ll often keep it for another season and I take it with me another time.

Your personal style in 3 words:

Classic, edgy, comfortable.

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"Sometimes a unique piece from a young and upcoming designer will also make it online"

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First ever designer purchase?

A classic Chanel cross body bag in black. I only ate tinned soup and drank tap water for a month….

Your favourite designer piece in your wardrobe?

A grey Yves Salomon fur coat.

You want to try the Personal Fashion Concierge? Call us: +494030701908


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