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For the last two years, REBELLE founder Cécile has lived in the beautiful Hamburg neighbourhood of Eppendorf. With her special sense of style and penchant for daring use of colour, the Berlin-born Cécile has designed her apartment in an historic building with a great love for detail. Whether fashion or interior design, Cécile loves a colourful mix of unique pieces and contemporary design. In this personal interview, Cécile gives us an exclusive insight into her personal life, and tells us how often she clears out her wardrobe and what that has to do with a little girl in Zimbabwe.

Interview with Cécile

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Where do you get your creative inspiration?

Mostly when travelling, when I stumble on unique little shops with lots of character.

How important is it to you to have a beautiful home?

Creating a place where I feel at home and inspired is very important to me and helps me to wind down. Unfortunately, I spend far too little time here.

What is your favourite room/space in the apartment?

That depends on the light and the time of day. At the weekends, I like to spend the afternoon curled up in my little velvet armchair by the window. The light of the sun shining in here is just so beautiful. If I have a good book or magazine and nice cup of tea, I could sit here forever.

What piece of furniture do you feel most connected to?

Our dining table. We have a magnificent solid wood table. For me, it is the central point for good discussions and delicious food, and the place we've spent so many lovely hours as a couple and with friends. The old farm-style chairs were painted at a car body workshop to give them a unique touch.

How would you describe your style?

I love combining vintage design classics with one-of-a-kind pieces that have a personal significance to me. That applies to both fashion and interior design. I usually have quite a classic style, and enjoy investing in pieces that can easily be combined with other styles and are suitable for both work and evening wear. However, my love for extravagant details and patterns will never go away.

What was the first fashion designer piece you invested in?

My first big investment in a designer piece was a Max Mara winter coat.

What is your absolute favourite designer piece?

Currently, that would be my new Bally slip-ons and a Chloé jacket that just goes with anything and dresses up any outfit. One of my best finds at Rebelle.com!

Which piece in your wardrobe do you feel most connected to?

I associate the most memories with some of the dresses, which were handed down to me from my mother. I remember the times when she wore them herself and how I marvelled at her often very unusual style as a little girl.

How often do you clear out your wardrobe?

At least twice a year, sometimes even more frequently. I'm quite ruthless! There are really only a few special pieces I feel attached to. As soon as I notice that I'm not wearing certain pieces any more, I get rid of them quite quickly and painlessly to make more room and money for new favourites.

Do you have any tips for a successful wardrobe detox?

I think in most cases, you just have to be honest with yourself: Do I really love this piece? Does it suit me? Does it express my style and can it be combined well with other pieces? Or is it simply not a good fit? Did I buy it by mistake? If there is something you don't wear often, apart from evening dresses, skiing gear, etc., and you don't associate any really amazing memories with it, then my experience says that it can go. The "separation anxiety" never really lasts very long.
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Cécile has chosen some of her former wardrobe favourites to donate to Plan International

There has never been a better reason than now to clear out your wardrobe regularly! REBELLE has teamed up with children's charity organisation Plan International to initiate the "REBELLE with a cause" donation campaign, thereby standing up for the rights of girls and young women in Zimbabwe. Easily donate your sales revenue to the cause via our Concierge Service's "I want to donate this" button. REBELLE will then also donate our entire commission, so that 100% of the proceeds go directly to Plan International.

You can find more information on the "REBELLE with a cause" project here.


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