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1180x800 Essentials

Your fashion footprint matters, and reselling fashion is sustainable from start to finish. By taking good care of your clothes, you will enjoy wearing them longer and even increase their resale value. We will show you how to take good care of your garments in the best possible way, and how to easily get the most out of your wardrobe with our REBELLE ESSENTIALS!


Each garment has its own special characteristics regarding its procurement, usability and of course its care. With our various REBELLE shampoos, specially designed for wool, cashmere, silk and microfibre, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises from the washing drum!


Did you know that cashmere and wool garments need a care product with a re-fattening effect? In nature, goats, sheep and alpaca protect their wool against the environmental influences with a self-produced wool fat. These important wool fats get lost in the washing drum. With REBELLE WOOL & CASHMERE SHAMPOO by tenemoll you can give your laundry the wool fat it needs back and make sure that the material remains soft and fluffy. As a bonus, it also smells pleasantly fruity and flowery!


Silk is the finest of all natural fibres and is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm. Just as special as the production is the care. The material may only be washed at 20 °C to 30 °C by hand, or in the gentle washing cycle of your washing machine. The spin cycle, as well as machine drying, should not be used on silk pieces. Instead, carefully squeeze it out in a towel and dry it lying down without direct sunlight. With our special REBELLE SILKWASH by tenestar, the colors of your silk piece remain bright and smelling like flowers. By avoiding aggressive chemicals and re-fatting ingredients, the detergent protects the silk during washing and prevents the fabric from roughening.


Sportswear, lingerie and swimwear made of microfibres require special care to avoid being damaged by chlorine, seawater, cosmetics or persistent sweat. With the REBELLE MICROFIBRE & LINGERIE CARE by teneplus, the comfort and elasticity of your laundry is ensured, and detergent or sweat residues have no chance of getting stuck in the microfine pores of the microfibre. Additionally, the scent of daisies gives you the morning freshness kick for your perfect start into the day!


Clothes have a tendency to end up in the laundry bag without even being that dirty. Instead, hang the clothes inside-out on a hanger and air them – or simply steam them! This has the added benefit of steaming out wrinkles and making the colours shine again.
But the best is yet to come! All kinds of fabrics can be steamed without shrinking or getting burned! The heat even kills bacteria and makes the garments look fresh again. The CIRRUS Travel Steamer, which is now available through us, heats up in just 25 seconds and weighs only half a kilo. Thus, it is created for an urban lifestyle and acts as the perfect travel companion!

Even with the best care, sensitive materials can begin to form unwanted pilling. To avoid this and other defects, we highly recommend the PILO Fabric Shaver. With sharp, strong razor blades and a powerful engine, the shaver is the perfect tool to repair and smooth out a damaged fabric surface. Take it with you wherever you go thanks to its small size and smart USB charging.


Are you familiar with the problem of too many shoes in your wardrobe? It quickly looks messy and is really annoying. Our tip: photograph your shoes with the Instax Camera and simply stick the polaroid on the shoe boxes. Your shoe collection will look nice and tidy in no time at all! Of course, this simple trick can also be applied to your other designer pieces. Simply store your piece in the REBELLE Artist Box and stick a polaroid on it as well. With the practical design of our REBELLE Artist Box, you can open and fill the box from the front without having to lift the lid. This means you can stack several boxes on top of one another without a problem.
The Instax Mini Camera is equipped with a macro lens, which allows you to shoot close-up shots, if necessary.


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