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Together with Dorothee Schumacher, we are making a statement with the launch of our limited-edition ‘Dorothee for Rebelle-Bag’: with the claims '#nowalls' and 'Rebelle with a cause' the transparent shopper stands for more transparency in educational opportunities for women.

Join the movement

Dorothee Schumacher and REBELLE, support women in their individuality and striving for a self-determined life. We will donate ten Euros per bag to the children's aid organization Plan International to give girls and young women in developing countries a better future. For us and our founder Cécile „the 'Dorothee for Rebelle-Bag' is a sign of solidarity to empower girls and young women.“


„For me, there is nothing more beautiful than women, who connect with each other: fashion is one of the most immediate, individualistic forms of expression that creates an incredible sense of connection and that can tear down walls,“ explains Designer Dorothee Schumacher. The brand was founded in 1989, when the Berlin Wall was torn down. It is not only characterized by open borders but also stands up for them.

Rebelle with a cause

Together with the children's aid organization Plan International, we have launched the initiative 'Rebelle with a cause'. We support Plan International campaigns for equal rights and better educational opportunities for girls and women. Over 100 million girls in developing countries can not read and write. They do not receive any training and therefore have little chance on the labour market. Early marriages, early pregnancies and a traditional understanding of gender roles prevent young women from successfully completing the school. Part of the proceeds from the 'Dorothee for Rebelle-Bag' supports the 'opening career prospects‘ project in Simbabwe, giving girls and young women the opportunity to take part in vocational trainining. 3,000 young women benefit from microcredits and saving groups that enable them to set up their own small businesses.

Limited edition

The limited edition charity bag gives any simple look an extravagant upgrade and is universally applicable. The printed jute bag functions as a notebook sleeve or pouch for all essentials, leaving room for a handbag in the transparent over pocket to protect it from wind and weather.


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