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Gucci Post JOU

The Gucci brand has brought so much to the fashion industry in its 95 year history and we felt it was our duty to celebrate this in some way.
Despite nearing its centenary year, the label of the moment is more in demand than ever before and REBELLE has beautifully photographed some of Gucci’s most recognisable pieces from the past three decades which are currently available to purchase on the site as preloved!

Gucci Post2 JOU

Talking eveningwear with these golden Gucci sandals and the Gucci Indy Bag

Gucci Post3 JOU

Get the 70s Disco Glam look with a flowing silk blouse, hot Gucci snake pants and a smooth suede leather Gucci handbag

Gucci Post4 JOU

Gucci Post5 JOU

Get your Wrap dress, pink wallet, 1973 Bag and Gucci Vintage watch here

Gucci Post6 JOU

Shop the look: Silk blouse, leather bag with bamboo, leather skirt and hot Gucci loafer

Gucci Post7 JOU

Gucci Post8 JOU

Less Monday, more Summer! With this sweet Gucci Silk dress

Gucci Post9 JOU

1973 Bag

Gucci Post10 JOU

Gucci Post11 JOU

Shop the look: Bag with statement buckle and Navy jacket

Gucci Post13 JOU

No evening wardrobe without a classic long Gucci dress! Bag: Suede leather Pochette

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