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REBELLE’s new 60-second spot shows a young woman who deliberately breaks with the rules of fashion. No matter what fashion rule comes along, she does the opposite. She shows herself half-naked, unshaved and in a pretty lace dress with a golden grill on her teeth. Her wild patterns are anything but conventional. Strong statements arouse her will to rebellion. She conveys the REBELLE brand message: "Break the rules of fashion. Before they break you ".

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"We bypass the usual dogmas of the fashion industry and show that designer fashion and second-hand are not a contradiction. The purchase of pre-loved high-end fashion is socially acceptable, sustainable and - above all - absolutely trustworthy and affordable. It is simply a contemporary way of dealing with luxury where everyone can live out their individual style and have fun with our help," explains Cécile Wickmann, founder and CEO of REBELLE.

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Home alone. Unlike the movie from the 90’s, she is not forgotten. She is fully aware of her situation and enjoys living on the edge of fashion. She does, wears and buys what she wants. For some, she may break the rules of fashion, while for others she is no doubt a style queen.

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In addition to the spot, German agency Überground, who made the film, has also given the corporate identity of Rebelle a facelift. In the new - digitally animated - logo "e" 's from other well-known luxury brand logos, such as Hermès, Chloé or Celine appear to show Rebelle’s big designer inventory. “With the rebellious ‘e‘, we break the rules of a standard wardrobe, as the whole campaign questions the rules of the fashion industry. Our rebranding underscores the strong, consistent attitude of the company and its CEO. A great cooperation on the same level as well as the courage to question things," explains Jo Marie Farwick, Founder and Managing Director of Überground.

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The film is released beside the 60 seconds full version in cuts of 15 and 20 seconds for the Italian and German TV. If you haven’t had the chance yet to watch, click here for the full version.