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Wolford is a luxury textiles brand specialising in lingerie and hosiery for women. Founded in 1950, the brand’s history is intrinsically interwoven with 21st century fashion and today stands as one of the oldest and best-loved suppliers of seamless hosiery in the world.

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About The Founders

Wolford was launched in 1950 in Bregenz, Austria by Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers. Wolff was an industrialist and Palmers was a retail entrepreneur, each with no true grasp of design - and yet the pair managed to turn Wolford textiles into a wildly successful label. Nylon had only been invented two decades prior to the launch of Wolford, and yet by 1954 Palmers and Wolff had invented the first seamless nylon stockings, a huge breakthrough in the world of hosiery. Over the next half-century the pair would go on to revolutionise hosiery and undergarments time and again, and today Wolford is still a firm favourite in fashion because of their innovation, hard work and clever design.

The Hottest Hosiery in History

After its launch in 1950, Wolford clothing has become responsible for some of the most groundbreaking work with hosiery in history. From the 1954 invention of seamless stockings to the present day Wolford has been releasing line after line of enviable leg coverings. Since its inception, Wolford has branched out from its trademark hosiery and now also designs Wolford accessories and head-to-toe clothing. The brand has worked with high-profile designers including Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld as well as numerous famous photographers, a testimony to their universal impact.

Infinitely Innovative Style

Wolford became known for its innovation and use of the best quality textiles available. Today the brand continues to hold up these qualities as shining beacons in a sea of lower-quality copycat brands. Wolford is one of the world’s most trusted brands for hosiery and nylon items, and since the launch of their other collections they’ve become loved for their effortless, seamless style. The brand’s clothing is always refined, elegant and practical while maintaining a delicate, feminine spark. No longer just known for tights and stockings, Wolford dresses and other creations have been spotted on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian as well as an infinite number of today’s most stylish ladies.

Wolford Today

Available in a multitude of locations worldwide, Wolford continues to uphold its untarnished and respected name each year. Season after season, the brand can be relied upon to deliver something fresh, new and exciting for its fans to devour. Owning a Wolford piece truly is like owning a piece of fashion history.