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Wildfox Second Hand

Relatively new on the scene, the vibrant and fresh Wildfox are known for delivering dreamy, vintage-inspired clothing for women with alternative style. The brand began in 2007 in sun-soaked LA and has since spread globally, delivering chic style to every kind of woman. More about Wildfox >

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Charity Shirt

Foxy Ladies

Best-friend duo Kimberley Gordon and Emily Faulstich are the masterminds behind Wildfox clothes. The pair have been friends since childhood, and were inspired to start a clothing label one day while hanging out together. They discussed the possibility of their own line of t-shirts, and eventually decided to start a brand. Wildfox was born in 2007, inspired by the pair’s love of retro fashion and comfortable clothing. They’ve created clothing around cult classics and personal favourites of theirs, including collections based on Clueless and My Little Pony. Today, Kimberley and Emily continue to run and design for Wildfox while remaining the best of friends.

L.A’s New Faves

Wildfox was launched in 2007 in Los Angeles by two best friends looking to create comfortably chic clothing. The first collection was comprised of comfy, retro-look knits, making Wildfox knitwear a hit in Hollywood. Since then the brand has exploded, providing a range of clothing, shoes, accessories and eyewear to choose from. Wildfox also launched a children’s collection titled Wildfox Kids in 2009. The bran can be found brightening up the shelves of retailers worldwide, and has been picked up by Akira, Saks Fifth Avenue and Shopbop among many others. In 2014, they launched their flagship boutique in West Hollywood with plans to continue expanding.

The Revival of 70s Chic

Wildfox emulates a quirky, ever-cool aesthetic. The brand was founded on 70s chic, with soft, dreamy shapes and nods to nostalgia dominating their collections. The designers are often inspired by both folklore and pop-culture; they’ve designed pieces around movies, TV shows and children’s toys, and each collection is sealed with an ethereal kiss. Wildfox clothing is the perfect fit for smart, fun women who enjoy making a statement with their fashion choices. Celebrities certainly aren’t immune to the Wildfox charm either - Megan Fox, Khloe Kardashian and half of Hollywood Hills have filled countless shopping bags with Wildfox pieces.

Wildfox Today

Wildfox is truly just getting started; their unique use of charming pop-culture and unbridled girlishness is on the rise in the fashion world, and the brand are currently available to buy in over 150 countries including Japan, the UK, Brazil and France. If you’re looking for a way to join the cool clique this season, then a Wildfox outfit is right up your alley.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel