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For some it flies by, for others it crawls; time is relative. To keep an eye on it, watch is the perfect accessory. Find your second-hand, designer wristwatch at REBELLE.

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Fashionable and practical

In the world of fashion the watch is unique in being both jewellery and a practical accessory and can be used accordingly. Of course, it will also let us know how early or late it really is. Just like designer handbags, wristwatches have become an essential part of daily life and can still make a fashion statement. On your wrist, a watch can be really eye-catching or can add the perfect touch of style to your outfit.

And, as always for an essential item of jewellery and an accessory, designer watches are available in many models and styles. From the strap to the watchcase, every woman will find something to suit her taste and fit the occasion in question. As the mechanism is housed in the case, the heart of the watch, this is usually made from robust stainless steel which can be either shiny or matt. Watchcases come in angular or round shapes and in different coloured metals.

The different materials used for watchstraps have certain properties. Leather is very flexible, can be worn every day and is kind to skin as it doesn’t react with sweat and dirt. Traditional styles include a black strap with a sliver watchcase and brown straps with golden watchcases; these are suitable for office and everyday wear. Classically understated, these watches are ideal for underlining a modest style. Metal straps are just as popular. They are slightly more robust, easier to clean but also a bit heavier. Metal tones such as classic gold, silver and elegant black can be found here. Metal straps are a great combination with elegant designer dresses, for example from Prada.

Additionally, a wristwatch can emphasis your personal style with tiny details such as a contrasting face, a shiny buckle or a watchcase decorated with gemstones. With watches ranging from timeless and elegant, romantic and playful through to sporty or crazily coloured, choosing your timepiece is a decision based on personal taste and style.