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Trousers are a standard basic for every woman’s wardrobe and can be worn for almost any occasion. From casual and loose fitting to subtle and elegant, women’s trousers are a must-have item of clothing. Browse the REBELLE shop and find your next pair of designer second-hand trousers.

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Who wears the trousers?

Trousers for women have had a long and difficult journey to get where they are today, but most people have long since realised who wears the trousers when it comes to making fashion decisions. In addition to designer jeans, trousers are a must-have for your wardrobe as they offer so many combination options making them perfect for any occasion and for any taste.

Straight pleated trousers, with the characteristic crease down the leg, are classics. They are made from comfortable materials such as cotton or mixed fabrics. Usually worn as part of a suit, they can also be worn with an elegant blouse or a jumper. Another model that is also suitable for wearing with a business outfit are carrot trousers. This style tapers towards the ankle making it a very feminine cut. Combine them with comfortable Tod’s loafers for a stylish, casual outfit.

Marlene trousers are also an elegant classic. Named after the actress Marlene Dietrich, these fabric trousers feature characteristically wide legs with or without turn-ups and a high waist. Women’s Marlene-style trousers are just as suitable for business as they are for an elegant, casual look when combined with a tight top. The opposite of Marlene trousers are cigarette trousers, also known as skinny leg or skinny fit trousers. Due to their straight, tight cut, they are ideal for slim women. If you prefer something a bit more comfortable and loose, chinos are ideal as leisure wear. These cotton trousers are often worn low on the hips with a pair of sneakers and turned up legs.

The hard struggle of women’s trousers

Although trousers are – historically speaking – ancient, women’s trousers were only fully accepted by society at the beginning of the 20th century. The general taboo surrounding female leg wear and the wide social rejection deterred many women from wearing trousers despite their extreme comfort and practicality. Only when women started performing the work of men during the First World War and trousers became necessary working clothes, did the taboo of women’s trousers gradually die off. Curiously, women wearing trousers were banned from luxury hotels up until the 1970s and women wearing trousers were also not welcome in Harrods of London.