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The day when sneakers were the reserve of sporting activities is long gone. Nowadays every woman’s shoe cupboard has at least one pair of these sporty shoes. Discover casual, second-hand, designer sneakers in the REBELLE online shop.

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More than just a sports shoe

For some sneaker fans, these shoes have long been icons and collector’s items – some have even sold for five-figure sums at auctions. The pop culture star James Dean was one of the people to turn sneakers into everyday shoes, which, in addition to their sporty characteristics, were also a symbol for youth and nonchalance. That is why, over the past few years, sneakers have become a mainstay for many fashion houses and are gaining in popularity.

In contrast to trainers, sneakers are similar looking fashion shoes which are made for a casual look. Their most characteristic feature, the comfortable rubber sole, has not changed over the years, meaning they can be worn for a long time. The name, of course, comes from the verb “to sneak” as you can walk around very quietly in them.

The all-rounder for casual outfits

Sneakers are the ideal shoes for casual wear and particularly for days that involve a lot of walking. When you’re on a shopping trip or out discovering a new city, you don’t want to be wearing your designer court shoes. However, you don’t need to go without fashionable footwear completely – sneakers are available in various models, materials and colours. From elegant suede, textiles or robust leather, there is a designer sneaker for every taste and style. You can also choose between high-top and low-top sneakers. Low-tops are like classic low shoes and reach to the ankle while the shaft of high-tops goes over the ankle. As sneakers are mainly casual-wear shoes there are, of course, lots of colourful, striking prints to choose from – simply take your pick.

Some designers, such as Isabel Marant, have taken advantage of the sneaker trend and found a solution for women who like to wear high heels, but still want to remain casual. Shorter women in particular can step out in style in sneakers with “concealed” wedge heels. The designer’s shoe collection also includes seasonal models with lining for the autumn and winter and lightweight, slip-on versions for the summer, meaning you can be cool and stylish all year round in your sneakers.