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Swarovski Second Hand

Swarovski is known for quality jewellery. Its trademark is glittering, polished crystal. Swarovski is the international market leader for crystal and has stood for artistic production and precision since 1895. More about Swarovski >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Swarovski and Haute Couture

Many labels, like the designer Alexander McQueen for example, use Swarovski crystals for their elaborate designer gowns. The cooperation with McQueen gave the Swarovski brand a new lease of life. Alexander McQueen was introduced to Swarovski right at the start of his career and they worked together for years. He associated the Swarovski brand with haute couture and gave the company an incentive to create modern interpretations of Swarovski jewellery. In addition to Alexander McQueen, Swarovski also collaborated with many other designers. The Swarovski Elements are particularly popular, and have even been used to ornament Chanel bags.

How did Swarovski come into being?

Swarovski is considered to be a glamourous brand. However, the foundation of the company is rooted in craftsmanship. The founder and namesake of the company was an Austrian glass cutter with Bohemian roots. Daniel Swarovski celebrated his big breakthrough in 1883, when he developed the first electronic machine for cutting crystal. He was even honoured for his innovative product at the “First International Exposition of Electricity”.

The cut stones of a new level of quality sold well and the business was continually expanded. In order to free himself from the Bohemian competition, Daniel Swarovski manufactured his own glass. The precise art of glass manufacturing became more and more refined, and the secret behind the process remains well-guarded to this day. The use of hydroelectric power was a central element in manufacturing. Today, the Swarovski company has four of its own hydroelectricity plants. In the area of philanthropy, the company also focuses on the subject of water and supports a national park in India, for example.

Swarovski’s Range

The Swarovski product range is not limited to jewellery and crystal. Products such as quality optical precision instruments, polishing tools, crystal sculptures, Swarovski accessories, Swarovski bags, and even a fragrance now complement the traditional brand’s portfolio. The fragrance “Aura by Swarovski” was even honoured at the “Prix de Beauté” for its outstanding design.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel