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A practical pair of sunglasses is a must-have not just for sun worshippers. They are attractive accessories in winter as well as in summer protecting your eyes from the sun and making you look hot. From RayBan to Gucci, discover a large selection of exclusive, second-hand, designer sunglasses in the REBELLE online shop.

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Away with the rays!

Sunglasses are essential in bright sunshine, no matter if you’re driving, enjoying ice cream or sunbathing on the beach – everything is cooler with sunglasses. Of course, as Jackie Onassis was well aware, sunglasses can also be a fashion statement to emphasise your look. Luckily designers have realised this and here at REBELLE you’ll find a cool pair of designer sunglasses just for you.

There is the right model for each mood and the right shape for each face. The indisputable classic is, of course, the Wayfarer by Ray Ban. The lenses are trapezoidal in shape and feature a wide plastic frame decorated with tiny silver studs. Another popular form of sunglasses are aviators which make you look incredibly cool even if you’re not a pilot. For vintage fans, cat eye sunglasses are an essential accessory. The beautiful feline shape of the frame is very feminine and can be chosen in varying extremes from striking to subtle. Prada sunglasses and Gucci sunglasses come in many great versions including cat eyes.

The right sunglasses to fit your face

As well as your personal style you must also take into consideration that the shape of the frames should underline the proportions of your face. If you have a square face, oval sunglasses are recommended as they make your face appear softer. The opposite applies to people with round faces who should choose more angular frames to lengthen the face. Women with oval faces have it easy as they can wear almost any shape of sunglasses. They should however, steer clear of small round glasses which are unflattering for everybody.

Here’s a quick tip on sunglasses care: Don’t clean your sunglasses with paper tissues as they can cause scratches. The best bet is water, washing up liquid and microfibre cloths. Fingerprints, make-up or sun cream on your lenses should be cleaned off as quickly as possible so that the residue doesn’t end up being burnt into the glasses.