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Standing for style, quality and comfort, Stefanel has been dominating the casualwear market since the 1980s. Stefanel was founded on a family-run business and maintains the same level of dedication to design since the beginning. Chunky, chic knits and delectable denim-wear are in abundance.

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Stefanel Then And Now

Stefanel is a luxury Italian clothing company founded in 1959 by Carlo Stefanel. In 1970, Stefanel clothes was taken over by Carlo’s son Giuseppe who continues to run the label. The brand was initially named Magnifico Piave until 1980 when it was renamed. This was also the year that the first-ever Stefanel store opened its doors in Siena, followed by another in Paris. Initially dealing primarily in knitwear, by the end of the 1980s Stefanel had diversified by adding denim-wear and sportswear to its collections. Since then it’s been working hard to reinvent itself as a “simple luxury” brand, offering casual opulence in its collections. In 2009 the label celebrated its 50s birthday with a capsule collection that revisited their first lines of knitwear. Today Stefanel accessories, clothes, shoes and bags are available in stores worldwide.

Like Father Like Son

Giuseppe Stefanel is the current president of the Stefanel group. Stefanel has had his career path mapped out from a young age. His father established Stefanel knitwear in 1959, and Giuseppe began working for the brand early on. He went on to take over from his father in 1970, leading the brand into a new era. Giuseppe is responsible for the evolution of Stefanel as a casual-luxury brand, ushering in collections of Stefanel shoes, sportswear and denim that completely reestablished the label. His unique understanding of his family’s company is vital to its existence, and he works hard to provide the same authenticity and quality as his father once did all those years ago.

The King of Italian Knitwear

Stefanel has been a purveyor of fine, stylish clothing since the beginning. The brand creates clothing for women who are both demure and laid-back, offering a range of soft, chic clothing and timeless accessories. Their knitwear range has been revered since the 50s and casual, classic knits are what they do best. However, Stefanel bags and other items are all just as stylish. Using bold patterns and classic colour palettes, the brand defines the middle-ground of timelessness and modernity. Celebrities have begun to pick up on Stefanel’s chic aesthetic, with Beyoncé, Elle MacPherson and Sienna Miller all being spotted in the brand recently.

Stefanel Today

With 700 points of sale worldwide as well as many offshoot labels and lines, Stefanel continues to be a premium Italian label. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of laid-back luxury, invest in a cute Stefanel dress. Authentic Stefanel jewellery, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories can be found secondhand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.