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St. Emile Second Hand

St. Emile, a luxury German brand of womenswear, has been striving to deliver quality clothing for modern women for many years. The brand takes classic femininity and gives it a contemporary twist, creating a relaxed, chic aesthetic. St. Emile is the perfect brand for fans of fresh, feminine fashion. More about St. Emile >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

The Birth and Rebirth of St. Emile

St. Emile is a luxury German fashion label founded in 1924 by Josef Reis. Ran as a family business by Reis for many decades, the brand only dealt in menswear until the 1970s. It was only then that St. Emile clothing only officially came to be as Reis purchased the licence for the label. St. Emile enjoyed limited success for the next two decades, until the takeover of Uwe Jurdens in 1997.
Jurdens conceived a new vision for St. Emile and wished to take it in a more sophisticated and contemporary direction. In 1999 Tanja Hellmuth, a German fashion designer, has been head designer for the label. The takeover was a success, and ever since St. Emile has been a considerably popular modern German label. In 2008 they expanded to a collection of St. Emile accessories. Since being launched, they’ve also opened stores across Germany in cities such as Frankfurt, and they maintain a prolific online store presence.

About Tanja Hellmuth

Tanja Hellmuth is a German fashion designer, currently the head of design for the label St. Emile. Hellmuth has received an education in design, sculpture, painting and drawing and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. She began her career as a designer in 1997, and was offered the position of head designer for St. Emile just two years on in 1999. Today she continues to design lines of St. Emile skirts, tops and other items.

Catering To The Modern Woman

Classically feminine with a refreshing twist, St. Emile clothing is dedicated to reflecting the tastes of modern women. Designer Tanja Hellmuth favours designing for the modern woman, creating outfits that cater to the transient fashion tastes of today’s ladies. She incorporates clean lines and relaxed silhouettes to create a casual coolness, staying true to the relaxed-chic aesthetic of the label. If you’re a woman who favours contemporary style and likes to wear clothing that’s on-trend, then you should definitely consider investing in some St. Emile tops or trousers.

St. Emile Today

St. Emile is still one of Germany’s best modern brands, and continues to deliver a perfect reflection of the fashion tastes of today’s women each season. Some St. Emile skirts is a good way to inject some life into an outdated wardrobe, offering a pop of bright, beautiful style. Authentic St. Emile bags, clothes and accessories can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel