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Sport Max is a brand that’s all about casual-chic. The label favours a relaxed approach to everyday style while still retaining a clean, crisp edge through clever design and sharp silhouettes. Feminine, fabulous and eternally fashionable, Sport Max is a must for ladies who like to stand out.

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About Achille Maramotti and The Founding of Sport Max

Achille Maramotti was an Italian businessman and fashion designer best known for founding the Max Mara Fashion Group and its resulting labels, including Sport Max. Maramotti began his career in fashion by designing couture in 1947, officially founding his company in 1951. Over the next years he would reinvent Italian fashion, kicking off the rise of Italian ready-to-wear. He was the first designer to dip his toe in mass-production design, essentially pioneering the pret-a-porter scene in Italy. At a time when most elite Italians had their clothes made for them, Maramotti began selling superior-quality clothing straight off the rack. The idea took off, and after the success of Max Mara he began launching offshoot labels. He founded Sport Max clothing as another offshoot label of his main company Max Mara. He passed away in 2007, leaving an enduring legacy behind him. His family continue to run his company today.

Clean, Cosmopolitan and Chic

Despite the name, Sport Max shoes, clothes and bags are about as far from workout gear as you can get. The brand favours a clean, crisp and chic approach to womenswear, playing around with sweet and subtle design to create a contrasting image. Asymmetric hemlines and sharp, streamed form help to create bold, feminine silhouettes that will grab the attention of a crowded room. The designer favours techniques such as embroidery to create both texture and demure embellishment. Using relaxed, casual fabrics the brand manages to ground their collections in the everyday, inspiring outfits that are perfect for lunch dates, office hours and general life. Sport Max bags are a fantastic touch of casual luxe to add to any outfit, offering chic and unique style to offset a casual look. If you’re fond of cosmopolitan, modern looks that work to accentuate femininity while maintaining a level of relaxed style, then Sport Max accessories and clothing are definitely right up your street.

Sport Max Today

Today Sport Max is still one of Max Mara’s most popular offshoot labels, providing fashion that fits perfectly between casual and smart. The contemporary and unique style of the label creates an odd, outstanding sort of femininity, perfect for girls that don’t like fitting the mold. Olivia Palermo, Zendaya Coleman and Taylor Schilling are all fans of the brand, giving Sport Max a youthful and modern edge over its competitors.