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The Smythson brand has long been a pillar of British excellence. Beginning with Queen Victoria, Smythson has been supplying the Royal Family with pieces for over 100 years. With such a history of luxury, grace and calibre, this is one brand that is definitely worth investing in.

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Smythson is a luxury British brand of leather goods, loved for their signature collection of handbags. Founded by Frank Smythson in 1887, Smythson initially dealt in luxury stationery, diaries and small leather goods. Over the years brand has extended its custom to the Royal Family including Queen Victoria, as well as many British Prime Ministers and government officials. Smythson bags and stationery is sold in many freestanding stores in places such as New York City, London and Sydney, The brand can also be purchased in Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and a slew of other upscale department stores. Smythson continues to maintain its prestigious image today, supplying the world with a selection of beautifully crafted stationery and leather goods.

Realizing His Vision

When Frank Smythson founded Smythson goods in 1887, he had a vision to change the world of stationery. Smythson wanted to innovate and revolutionise, to create items that were more than just items - he wanted to create fashion. His first breakthrough came in 1900 with the birth of the first Smythson handbag. The Bond Street Bag was an instant hit, bearing the striped lining that is now Smythson’s signature pattern. In 1908 he invented the world’s first featherweight diary; prior to this, diaries were clunky and too large to carry around. He reimagined the way the world saw the item and sparked a trend that has today become commonplace. The rest of his life was dedicated to his vision, and when he passed away he left behind a legacy so great that his name won’t be forgotten.

Smythson’s Splendid Style

A permanent supplier to the Royal Family since the days of Queen Victoria’s reign, Smythson is steeped in class, quality and splendour. Aside from Smythson’s history of innovation, the brand are loved for their magnificent approach to design. Gilded, stamped lettering graces their diaries and their bags are adorned with delicate, refined metal accents. Each piece is crafted from the best of materials, ensuring an opulence and timelessness you can’t get with other labels. Smythson designs for extraordinary people, and their designs are nothing short of that. Madonna, Grace Kelly and Angelina Jolie have all been customers of Smythson in the past, a statement of the label’s prestige.

Smythson Today

With a history as rich and decorated as Smythson’s, it’s safe to assume that the brand has a permanent place in the hearts of British fashion fans. Smythson’s name carries a respect and stature that is unparalleled in the leather goods industry, and a Smythson travel bag or purse is never going to lose it’s value.