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Slippers and Ballerinas Second Hand

Used Slippers and Ballerinas of verified quality

Legs can still look great without high heels and in certain situations where a lot of walking is involved, loafers or ballet flats are simply the best choice. In the REBELLE shop you find exclusive, second-hand loafers and ballet flats.

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Walking tall without heels

We don’t always have to have our heads in the clouds – sometimes we prefer to be more down to earth. Loafers and ballet flats are the comfortable alternative to court shoes and high heels. However, we can still look fashionable as designers have realised that even flat shoes have a place in the shoe cupboard.

The term flats refers to a low-heeled shoe without laces, velcro or other fastenings that you simply slip on. As loafers only provide a good fit due to their closed design, shoe designers use very high-quality materials to make them. Although buckles, tassels or even laces often adorn shoes, they are usually only for decorative purposes. There are many sub-categories, from elegant to casual and even sporty, but they all have one thing in common – they are wonderfully comfortable.

Sometimes flat is better

The loafer is a well-known, elegant version of flats. Originally worn by men, loafers are now popular with women as they are perfect for the office and have a very low heel. This makes loafers a great alternative to court shoes as they go just as well with a skirt or trouser suit. Loafers can also look great outside the office teamed with a pair of boyfriend jeans. The Italian fashion label Tod’s features a wide range of loafers and featuring their hallmark pebble tread sole.

Moccasins are another well-known type of slip-on flats, originally worn by the Native Americans. According to strict definition, moccasins should have no heel, however shoes designers have allowed themselves some creative freedom. Moccasins are characterised by their soft leather which makes them a very comfortable slip-on shoe. Moccasins are the ideal shoes for a casual outfit and can be teamed with comfortable jeans or a summer skirt for shopping trips and long excursions.

Ballet flats – not everyone’s favourite

Ballet flats are one of the most popular forms of ladies’ shoes but interestingly they are not very popular with men. Ballet flats look just like ballet shoes – hence the name! As part of the slip-ons family they are closed at the back and front and cut wide on the vamp. That’s why wearing socks with ballet flats is a definite no-go! Ballet flats first became popular in the 1950s helped by style icon Audrey Hepburn. Although the fashion world continues to debate whether ballet flats are in or out, they are often seen on the feet of many women. Even major fashion houses such as Prada, Chanel and Gucci include ballet flats in their collections. And we all know why… Because ballet flats are both comfortable and elegant, they are suitable for any occasion and no matter if you’re wearing a dress, suit or jeans they are always the right choice.