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Without a doubt, skirts are an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe and express femininity like no other item of clothing. Therefore the range of different types is immense – mini-, midi- and maxi-skirts; there’s a perfect skirt for every occasion and they’re not limited to the summer months. Find your second-hand, designer skirt at REBELLE.

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Don’t skirt the issue!

Length is a vital matter when it comes to skirts. If a skirt is classed as a miniskirt, the length can be anywhere between the derrière and the knee. In contrast, the length of a maxi-skirt usually reaches from between mid-calf and floor length. Midi-skirts can fall anywhere from the knee to mid-calf.

In summer, skirts made from fine, light materials such as silk, viscose or mixed fabrics are recommended. An airy maxi-skirt combined with an over-sized blouse is the ideal summer outfit for a walk along the beach or dinner al fresco. Of course, summertime is also the perfect time for showing off your legs, for example in a miniskirt with a pair of high-heeled sandals for a really eye-catching party look. But skirts are not limited to summer temperatures; a woollen skirt can be combined with a pair of tights for an autumn or winter outfit that will protect you from the cold and make a great fashion statement. An elegant woollen skirt for the office is also a great alternative to a trouser suit.

For a casual look, you’re spoilt for choice! Many designers such as Prada or Dolce & Gabbana have a wide range of skirts for every occasion. There’s a skirt to suit every mood, from casual denim to stylish leather, there are many ways to emphasise your individual style. Another great thing about skirts is that you can combine them with all kinds of shoes – from court shoes to sneakers and ballet flats, skirts are the perfect fashion all-rounder.

A true classic for a business look is, of course, the pencil skirt, which thanks to its tight cut is very feminine but also very classy. Usually worn in dark colours, it goes perfectly with an elegant silk blouse and a blazer. Of course, there is nothing to stop you wearing a light, pastel-coloured skirt with a dark top or bright colours to help combat the seriousness of the office.

The right skirt

If you have long, slim legs, you have a wide range of skirts to choose from. Smaller women should avoid long skirts as they make the legs appear even shorter. High-heeled shoes can help to lengthen the legs. An A-line skirt will suit any woman, regardless of her figure. This skirt is close-fitting at the waist and gets longer towards the hem, meaning it covers any problem areas and makes the most of your legs. A fashionable maxi-skirt is also great for any figure; although its long, flowing fabric covers the legs, it still looks very feminine.