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The shoulder bag is perfect for everyday use. Not only does it hold all your belongings, it’s also practical and fashionable – a classic that every woman loves. In our online shop you will find a large selection of second-hand, designer shoulder bags.

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The shoulder bag is the ideal companion

Although practicality doesn’t always play a major role in the fashion world, the shoulder bag has a well-deserved reputation for being a fashionable all-rounder. It is one of the most popular types of handbags, particularly as it is sometimes necessary to have your hands free. Being able to hang your bag over your shoulder is very useful, which is why it’s a favourite with many women. In contrast to classic handbags or clutch bags for evening events, the shoulder bag is a useful accessory that can be seen hanging from many a shoulder.

In a fashion sense, its versatility makes it universally usable. The REBELLE range includes classic, popular Louis Vuitton shoulder bags with elegant leather fabric and a minimalistic style suitable for sophisticated, celebratory events.

For the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether you’re out and about or in the office, casual shoulder bags can make life much easier. All the well-known designer labels feature various models in their collections that are trendy, but also provide enough space and comfortability.

And if you need a sportier look, shoulder bags are always there for you. A quick dash to catch the bus, a bicycle tour or a long walk around the city – in these situations a shoulder bag is the best way to carry all your personal belongings and still look good.

With a large selection of sizes and materials, you’re bound to find the perfect designer shoulder bag in our online shop. In the cute Gucci shoulder bag you can keep your essentials such as your phone, keys, purse and even your tablet PC and a scarf. Or do you want to choose something different? At REBELLE you’ll find the right shoulder bag for you.