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Also known affectionately as a flat-to-go, shopper bags are extremely popular as they are sooooo roomy. At REBELLE you’ll find fashionable, second-hand, designer shopper bags for transporting everything a fashionista could need.

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The versatile shopper bag

The shopper bag is a favourite amongst ladies’ handbags due to its fantastic size. Regular handbags or clutch bags are smaller, but therefore do not offer so much space for all the important things a woman could need throughout the day.

As a rule, a shopper bag has a large, robust handle allowing it to be carried over the shoulder leaving your hands free. As the name suggests, it is ideal for small purchases as carrying plastic bags is not very comfortable or fashionable. As the bag also features lots of pockets, small items such as keys, purse and mobile can be kept separately to avoid unnecessary rummaging.

Game for anything

This bag can do more than shop! Its spacious interior makes it suitable for weekend trips: make-up bag, a change of clothes and sunglasses all fit in easily. As hand luggage on any trip the shopper bag is also handy as there is also space for additional items such as books, a bottle of water, snacks and hand cream.

Of course, a designer shopper bag is also great for taking to the office. It spices up your business outfit and provides a touch of trendy elegance. In the age of the internet and mobility, a laptop will fit in here along with a homemade smoothie and your appointment book.

Luckily, designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton recognised the fashionable potential of the shopper early on and the range of designs and styles is in no way inferior to that of classic handbags. From simple blacks and browns to striking patterns and brilliant colours, the shopper bag is firmly rooted in the fashion world and we are extremely grateful for it.

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