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Sandals (flat) Second Hand

Used Sandals (flat) of verified quality

Put your best foot forward! These flat, airy sandals are the ideal summer shoes and are a must-have for any shoe cupboard. Discover a large selection of exclusive, second-hand sandals in the REBELLE online shop.

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Summer, sun and sandals

Sandals are almost as old as the human race. Men and women have worn sandals long before the Romans came along. In many ancient cultures you can find different types of sandals making them one of the oldest types of footwear.

Not only do these loose, airy, open shoes give women the opportunity to show off their feet and their pedicures, they also elongate the feet making them appear slimmer. What better way is there to welcome summer than in a pair of pretty sandals and some sexy shorts? And who says you can only show off your legs in high heels? Even flat sandals give you plenty of options to create a unique summery look to suit the occasion. Discreet in classic black leather or with playful rhinestones, striking patterns or shimmering metallic fabric – there’s a wide range of sandals to choose from.

A popular type of sandal is the flip-flop where the first and second toes are separated from each other by a strap. Women’s flip-flops are available with high and low heels and, in contrast to the usual sporty flip-flops, often feature intricate details. These elegant sandals can be worn with typical beach outfits, loose-fitting tunics, combined with skinny jeans and a pair of cool RayBan sunglasses.

Strappy sandals, with straps attached to the foot bed, provide a good fit and are perfect for strolling down the promenade or going on shopping trips. Depending on the model, the straps may fasten around the heel or the ankle. Of course, strappy sandals also feature pretty, feminine details in great colours that will really complement your summer mood. No matter whether you’re off to the beach, the shops or the dance floor, at REBELLE you’ll find your perfect summer sandals.