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Since time began, rings have been very special accessories as well as important symbols. With rings, every woman’s hand becomes a treasure trove. Look for exclusive, second-hand, designer rings in our online selection and find your own gems for your fingers. More about Rings >

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Very special treasures

For centuries, rings have been part of human history and still have a place in our lives today. Originally they were made from wood, stone, ivory and even bones until it became possible to make them from metal. Rings also used to be strong symbols of power and status and today they still remain symbols of love and bond. Furthermore, rings are extremely popular in the jewellery world and can be found on almost everyone’s fingers. Rings are often a woman’s most cherished possessions.

No matter what the occasion, rings are always the right choice

As rings have become essential accessories, there is a wide range of types, designs and materials to choose from. For everyday wear, subtle rings combined with suits are the ideal combination. Another great fashion team is a sparkly ring and a coveted Hermès handbag – you’re sure to turn heads with that combo!

Rings made of high-quality materials such as gold, silver or other precious metals have a certain robustness making them suitable for everyday wear. The colour of the material, any decorative elements or additional gemstones can be chosen according to your individuality and are an expression of your personal style.

For glamorous events and special occasions you can choose something more elegant. And what could be better than a ring with a beautiful, sparkly gemstone? A brilliant highlight for your unique look. Of course, rings are also great for parties and nights out and the more striking and colourful they are, the better your ring can give your outfit that finishing touch. With a range of large stones, bold embellishments and unusual materials you have a great selection for choosing a sparkler for your finger. And, of course, you can match your ring with your other jewellery to complete your look. Like a picture, a ring can say more than a thousand words.

Finding the One

At REBELLE the ring sizes are given in WVM which is simply the circumference of fingers in millimetre. To determine your size, simply measure the circumference of your finger. Please note that the ideal size of bigger rings is one size larger than narrower rings. Make sure you measure the correct finger! Ring sizes on each hand and differ significantly.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel