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Reneé Lezard has been crafting the finest in European fashion since 1978. The brand specialises in fabulous, luxe clothing for women with confidence, giving you all the tools you need to dress to impress. Beautiful leather bags and boots, soft cashmere tops and everything in-between is on offer, waiting for you to indulge.

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René Lezard: Then and Now

René Lezard is a German luxury fashion label, founded in 1978 by Thomas Schaefer. René Lezard clothing is somewhere in-between high-fashion and high-street, and has always offered stylish clothing that’s kind to your purse. The brand produces lines of mens and womenswear, offering a range of René Lezard shoes, clothing, accessories and bags. They also split their products into three categories - Classic, their collection of core items; Excess, geared toward a younger, bolder audience; and Sophisticated, an avant-garde and edgy collection. René Lezard is primarily popular in Europe, with points of sale in several countries. However, its influence is also noted in the US, Canada and the Middle East. René Lezard also takes part in Fashion Week in Cologne each season. The brand also produce many in-house collaborations with other labels, producing lines of Asoni shirts, Albisetti ties, Condor belts and Traveller leather goods. Today, they continue to thrive, offering a refined style and structured aesthetic.

The Pinnacle of European Luxe

René Lezard bags, shoes and clothes are for extroverted, confident women. The brand lives to cater to people who know themselves, offering an elegant practicality. Smooth fleeces, supple leathers, soft velvets and a host of other luxury materials lend themselves of Rene Lezard accessories and clothing, being tailored to perfection each season. Their three core collections, Classic, Excess and Sophisticated, offer everything you need to build the perfect outfit. From beautiful core pieces to stand-out embellishments, a René Lezard outfit is the epitome of refined fashion. The brand takes cues from many European cultures, incorporating elements of British, German and Nordic style to create the ultimate in European style. If you’re a confident, self-assured woman that likes to power-dress then you should at least invest in a pair of René Lezard boots.

René Lezard Today

With expansion taking place across the US, Middle East and other parts of the globe, René Lezard is only just getting started in terms of being an indispensible high-end label. The brand will continue to prove itself as the pinnacle of European fashion over the next decades, and is definitely worth adding to your closet. Authentic René Lezard dresses, tops, boots accessories and other items are available secondhand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

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