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Sexy, sophisticated and slick, Reiss is a brand that caters to all women. From budding fashionistas to seasoned style hunters, each collection employs innovative ideas and killer style to create something for everyone.

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Three Generations Of Quality Clothing

David Reiss is a British fashion designer best known for his work with his eponymous label Reiss. Reiss’ career in fashion began in 1971 when he inherited a gentleman’s outfitters in London from his father, who had previously inherited it from David’s grandfather. He took this single store in London and turned it into a clothing empire. David Reiss is considered the last successful founder/owner of a clothing brand in Britain. Today he continues to design for his company while living in Hampstead with his wife. He is also a father of three children, and claims his “only extravagance” in life is a Bentley.

The Rise Of Reiss

Reiss clothing as we know it came to be in 1971, however the brand was run from a family-owned store for a long time before that. Initially Reiss specialised exclusively in men’s suits. The brand decided to branch out into women’s clothing in 2000, and it turned out to be an excellent idea. Today Reiss clothing is a far cry from selling nothing but men’s suits in London - the brand has put down roots in countries across the world. Reiss has currently over 100 points of sale worldwide, and David Reiss has ambitions to expand that to 260 in the coming years. David’s plan for world domination is a good indicator that Reiss clothing isn’t going away anytime soon.

The First-Pick Of Princesses

The collections Reiss design are always innovative and high-fashion. David Reiss’ dedication to quality, craft and style is apparent in each piece, with many David Reiss dresses looking like they’ve come straight off a mannequin in his studio. The brand pushes to deliver classic style in a way that the modern woman can appreciate, and it shows. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Reiss dress at the beginning of her days as Princess, and immediately women rushed to the shops to pick up a timeless Reiss piece of their very own - the genius of the brand was finally appreciated, and today Reiss still reigns supreme over many British brands.

Reiss Today

Today Reiss continues to dominate the British fashion market and has plans to expand even further across the globe. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Claudia Schiffer and Olivia Palermo have been spotted repping the brand, and a [Reiss bag](/en/reiss/bags] or pair of trousers is guaranteed to gain you entry into the cool girl’s club. Authentic Reiss shoes, clothes and bags are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.