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Used Ray Ban fashion items of verified quality

Ray Ban Second Hand

The world-famous label for glasses which is named after its sunray protection is founded in 1937 as a subsidiary firm of Bausch & Lomb, a company for medical optic devices which collaborates with the US Air-Force. Ray Ban quickly becomes established on the international fashion market. . More about Ray Ban >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Fashion by Ray Ban is authenticated by REBELLE

Ray Ban: Aviator and Wayfarer

The glasses with the name “Aviator”, designed specifically for the US flight team, were launched on the market in 1937 and till this day give Ray Ban its great popularity. It is the American soldiers who bring the Aviators, recognized by the slim spectacle frame made of golden double, to Germany where the glasses are regarded as a symbol for the economic miracle. Another, world-famous model is the “Wayfarer” from the 1950ies with a wide black or Havana-brown plastic frame and small silver studs on the spectacle sides. The glasses as symbol for globetrotters were worn particularly by Audrey Hepburn and are often seen in movies as Blues Brothers, Men In Black or also TV series as Miami Vice.

Interesting facts about Ray Ban

In addition to the Ray Ban classics many other models in a variety of colours and shapes are among the Ray Ban assortment. Distinctive feature are always the lenses made from mineral glass and thermally hardened. They are characterized by their impact resistance and realistic colour rendering. The most popular colour is the grey-green “G15”. Since 1999 Ray Ban belongs to the Italian Luxottica Group. In 2013 the first customized productions are offered: Ray Ban sunglasses can be ordered with a personalized signature and colour combination.

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