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Rag & Bone is an American fashion label founded in 2002. The label has a simplistic, well-tailored style and each collection is as sleek and refined as the last. Rag & Bone currently maintain a line of menswear and a line of womenswear.

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The Designer Duo Behind Rag & Bone

Close friends Marcus Wainwright and David Neville are the masterminds behind Rag & Bone. The brand was founded by Wainwright and Neville after the pair lamented the fact that they couldn’t find a decent pair of jeans anywhere. In 2002 they founded Rag and Bone clothes with the aim of designing clothing that they and their friends would enjoy wearing every day. Prior designing the collection, the duo travelled to Kentucky to observe denim-making, studying the craft and learning the importance of good quality fabric. It’s this level of utter dedication to the design that has made Rag & Bone stand head and shoulders above other denim brands.

Keeping It Real Since 2002

Rag & Bone was launched in 2002 with the intent of creating wearable, loveable clothing and day-to-day style. Their first collection consisted of menswear, and brought about the first pairs of Rag and Bone jeans. By 2005 they had begun producing a line for women and in 2008 the first line of Rag & Bone shoes was launched. Ever the advocate for keeping things real, the brand launched an initiative in 2011 titled D.I.Y. Project. This involved giving their models a camera and some of their clothing so that they could take photos of themselves wearing it however and wherever they wanted. Being such an authentic brand has paid off for Rag & Bone, and they remain one of the most trusted and loved labels on the market.

Authentic, High-Quality Style

Rag & Bone clothing is a perfect harmony of British sensibility and New York attitude. The clothing is comprised of wearable tailoring, quality fabric and a dash of style. Each collection boasts racks of enviable day-wear, the style both chic and yet laid-back. The brand was formed on an ethos of authenticity, quality and craftsmanship, three qualities which have given Rag & Bone a long lasting popularity. Celebrities would seem to agree; Ashley Tisdale, Mila Kunis and Jessica Simpson are all fans of the brand.

Rag & Bone Today

Today Rag & Bone continues to be a much-loved brand, and a pair of their jeans will always hold value no matter what trends come and go in the future. Authentic Rag and Bone accessories, clothing and shoes are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

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