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Designing luxury footwear since 1987, Pura Lopez is a shoe-lover’s wildest dream. Built upon a family business started by the designer’s father, the brand celebrates footwear and breathes life and passion into every pair they produce.

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An Extensive Education In Excellent Footwear

Pura Lopez was born in Alicante, Spain to a shoe manufacturer. Her father founded a family business in 1964, so from a young age Lopez was immersed in the world of shoe design. In 1984 she moved to New York City and then finally to Milan to study fashion design. While in Milan she kept upto date with every ready-to-wear fashion show in the area, considering it an integral part of her education. In 1986 she joined the family business; by the following year she had completely overhauled the company with the help of her family and Pura Lopez shoes was born. Lopez has dressed the feet of monarchs, with Queen Letizia of Spain and the Crown Princess of Denmark on her lengthy list of clients.

Keeping The Family Close

The Pura Lopez brand first made an appearance in 1987, after the reconstruction of her family’s company under her management. Since then the brand has come a long way; Pura Lopez boots and sandals are being used by some of Madrid’s hottest designers for their runway shows, with the likes of Juanjo Oliva and Andrés Sardá dressing their models in her designs. The brand’s biggest moment to date came in 2004, on the wedding day of Queen Letizia and Prince Philipe of Spain; Lopez provided shoes for the bride and members of the wedding party, leading to a frenzied demand for her shoes. Since that fateful day, Pura Lopez shoes have had a devoted fanbase all desperate to own a pair of her signature shoes. The brand has also expanded to a line of Pura Lopez bags.

Sublime Spanish Shoes

The time, knowledge and passion dedicated to designing a pair of Pura Lopez shoes is what makes the brand so great. Lopez has a background in shoe design so impressive that it puts some of the biggest designers of footwear to shame. This is a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing and it shows in her products. Pura Lopez shoes are available in a plethora of pastel shades, which vary according to the season. She also designs her shoes for maximum stability, making the highest of heels a cakewalk. The brand breathes life into each pair they design, providing elegant, ladylike style fit for a queen - just ask Queen Letizia of Spain!

The Brand Today

Pura Lopez footwear is still considered one of Spain’s strongest assets in the fashion world, and the brand’s reach has extended as far as the red carpets of Hollywood. Celebrities who favour the brand include Penelope Cruz, Kylie Minogue and Lea Michele. Authentic Pura Lopez wedges, sandals, handbags and other items can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.