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Used Prada Trainers of verified quality

Prada Trainers Second Hand

The Italian student, Miuccia Prada, continued her student days in the emancipation of feminist ideas. The same ideas eventually became the face of the esteemed fashion house Prada. The unique way of sewing by Prada has developed its own style and thus conquered the hearts of numerous fashion lovers. More about Prada Trainers >

Second Hand Prada Trainers UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

How it started

In 1913, Mario Prada started a shop in a shopping arcade in the heart of Milan. The range of items consisted mainly of leather bags, shoes, boxes and bags of high-profile market segments. Soon, the store became more familiar in the region and eventually became the chief supplier of the Italian royal family. Once the rest of Italy and Europe was informed of the mark left by Prada, the dominant fashion house became even more popular in a short time. In 1978, Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia inherited the company. Miuccia had an innovative way for this type of sewing and created stunning collections including the popular Prada boots. Before she took over the store, Miuccia studied Political Science and fought for the emancipation of women. After that, Miuccia got involved in the fashion industry and led the already prospering company to even greater successes with her leadership.

The range

Prada has a number of different and unique trainers in the market, including the standard black trainers introduced without striking details, which complements amost any outfit. In addition to this, it also offers colourful Prada ankle boots. REBELLE’s special expert team in Hamburg has verified the authenticity and quality of all products on sale. Other mainstream Prada shoes are the Prada slippers and ballerinas. In course of time, Prada has greatly expanded its beautiful range of different types of shoes. In each pair, the characteristic values of ​​comfort and stylish design are prominent. On REBELLE, secondhand variants of the Prada trainers are available. Due to the high demand for Prada shoes in the United Kingdom, their value will remain stable.

Interesting facts

Pope Benedict XVI, also known as a fashion-conscious man was rather intrigued by the red Prada shoes. In the 16th century, the shoes were called “mules” by the hierarchy and red indicated the colour of power, making key people often wear red. Prada also gets excessive orders from big stars and celebrities, including the famous singer Lady Gaga wearing a unique and stylish Miuccia Prada product on her Monster Ball Tour. While Miuccia continues to create the most beautiful designs, she has never ruled out the possibility of making a career switch. On REBELLE, fashion addicts can shop for various kinds of trainers for a fantastic price. Combine the favourite outfit with a pair of comfortable Prada trainers of as a real fashion statement, thanks to the unique designs which fantastic class radiate at every occasion.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel