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Used Prada Suits of verified quality

Prada Suits Second Hand

Prada is one of the largest and most famous fashion houses today. The luxury and quality that the company offers is unique and striking as seen in Prada suits. The unique designs are very popular and through innovative sewing style, Miuccia Prada has put her stamp on the beautiful garments. More about Prada Suits >

Second Hand Prada Suits UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

About the designer

Prada is a renowned brand in the fashion industry. Despite the many collections already designed, the fashion house is always innovative and progressive. Don’t miss the suits or breathtaking Prada knitwear from the brand’s collections. The designs exude style, quality, luxury and elegance, both on the catwalk and in shops. The fashion house has also been a real family business. After founder Mario Prada, his daughter and later his granddaughter, Miuccia took control. Before the acquisition of the company, Miuccia studied Political Science and fought for the emancipation of women. It was ultimately Miuccia who brought worldwide fame to Prada. She had an innovative way of sewing and thus developed a very personal style. Once she met the owner of a Tuscan leather goods company, they started working together and he then taught her all the tricks of trade. The collaboration went well and even flourished into a relationship. Nowadays, Miuccia’s husband is the CEO of the fashion house so that Miuccia herself can focus entirely on the design of the beautiful collections.

Popular items

Prada’s female suits are popular items. Since their introduction, they have never even been out of fashion. On REBELLE, these beautiful suits can be found as second hand items. These items are available in different colours and display, in addition to many items from the exquisite Prada tops collection, offering a chic look to every woman. All products exude luxury and quality and these are exactly the values ​​of the fashion house. The suits are feminine and the unique designs are also hugely innovative. The blowers are fitted and often have a deeply cut neckline. The suits are part of a perfect and simple outfit along with the best Prada jackets and coats sold on REBELLE which complete your everyday look. The materials of the suits are different from linen and silk to wool.

Interesting facts

Although Prada is enormously innovative and sells the most beautiful designs, only a fraction of attention and time has been directed towards social media. The fashion house is facing low demand from Asia and in China, it takes a lot of effort to sell expensive shoes, bags and other luxury items. On REBELLE, the most wonderful second hand Prada items are offered at great prices. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition so fashion addicts can add the most beautiful and authentic additions to their wardrobes.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel