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Prada Shopper Second Hand

Providing the Italian market with stunning selections of bags since the 1970s, the house of Prada has built their empire on the back of beautiful bags. Expect flawless, fashion-forward pieces made from fine leather and decorated with sleek, sophisticated accents. More about Prada Shopper >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

The Prada Family History

Prada’s success can always be boiled down to the dedication of the Prada family to their business. The Prada brothers, Mario and Martino, founded the family business in 1913 as a purveyor of fine leather goods and travel trunks. Mario wanted his life’s work to be passed down to his first-born son, believing that business was no place for a woman. His plan fell through, however, when his son rejected all notion of taking over the company. It went to his daughter Luisa who rose to the challenge magnificently. Luisa enjoyed two successful decades at the helm of the company, taking on her daughter in the early 70s and training her in. Miuccia Prada eventually took the crown in 1978, and Prada has never looked back since. Beginning with a line of Prada backpacks, she slowly revolutionised the world’s opinion of her family’s label. Miuccia is considered responsible for ushering in a renaissance in Prada, moving them from small-time leather goods dealer to global fashion brand. Today, she continues to uphold her family name with pride and integrity.

The Poised Perfection of Prada

Many things about the Prada brand have changed since 1913, but one thing that has remained a constant is their devotion to creating the most beautiful bags on the market. In the beginning the Prada brothers initially bought and resold travel bags from England, but when Miuccia Prada stepped into her role as head designer in 1978 she set to work designing a line of Prada tote bags and backpacks, using material that her grandfather Mario once used to coat travel trunks. This first line would go on to be Miuccia’s first commercial success at the head of the brand, bringing her a mountain of praise after a slow beginning. 1985 saw the release of the now-iconic Prada handbag, the brand’s first commercial it-bag. Today, Prada bags are one of the world’s most wanted items - a bag from Prada is seen as a symbol of the woman you are.

Prada Shoppers Today

Prada’s image of sleek, sophisticated fashion has carried them well into the 21st century. The house still holds a monopoly on Italian fashion, driving dedicated fans wild each season with collections of excellent bags, footwear and clothing. Modern fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are all noted fans of the label.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel