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Prada have been in the business of serving up sexy, sumptuous shoes since the 1980s. Killer heels, statement stilettos and beautiful boots are on the agenda for each new collection. With Prada’s integrity and dedication to quality, the wait for each new release is always worth it.

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The First Family of Milan Fashion

Beginning with brothers Mario and Martino in 1913, Prada has remained in the capable and trusted hands of the Prada family. Initially, the brand specialised in luxury leather accessories and travel cases imported from Britain. Mario’s daughter Luisa unexpectedly took over in the 1950s when Mario’s son refused to inherit the company, expressing disinterest. Luisa ran Prada for twenty years before bringing her daughter Miuccia onboard in 1970. Miuccia eventually took the reins in 1978, and in doing so ushered in an entire new era for Prada. Today Miuccia continues to work in her role as head designer for the brand’s numerous collections and off-shoot labels.

The History of Prada

Prada began as a single retail store in Milan, specialising in high-quality leather accessories and ornate travel trunks and bags imported from England. Up until the takeover by Miuccia in 1978, the brand remained a slow-burner in terms of popularity. However, Miuccia and her husband Patrizio Bertelli came along and changed everything beginning with a line of bags in 1979. Throughout the 80s Prada’s popularity surged as the brand expanded across Europe and the US. In 1984 the first ready-to-wear line of Prada shoes was launched, containing enviable pairs of Prada boots and heels. In the 90s, Prada was elevated to superstar style status where it has remained to this day.

Killer Heels With An Attitude To Match

If you’re looking for the definition of killer heels there’s no need to grab the dictionary - just take a look at Prada’s stunning shoe collections. Elegant without compromising attitude, Prada’s dedication to delivering high-quality items with killer style is an integral part of their success. Versatile as well as stylish, a pair of Prada boots is perfect for any occasion and will stand the test of time. The devil doesn’t wear Prada for no reason, you know. Many stylish stars have been spotted strutting in a pair of Prada sandals or wedges - Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes among countless others have invested in a pair of their very own Pradas.

Prada Shoes Today

As Prada continue on their path to world domination with over 40 stores in multiple countries. The popularity of Prada shoes remains astronomically high. Treating yourself to a pair of Prada ankle boots is definitely worth the cash - they’ll add an attitude and an aesthetic to your outfits that is hard to match. Authentic Prada pumps and peeptoes, boots, lace-up shoes and other footwear can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.