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Prada has always been invested in luxury and quality. Since the dawn of the house in 1913 the Prada family have devoted themselves to crafting the finest leather goods in Italy, and their modern shoe collections are no different. Expect a selection of stunning patent pumps, beautiful boots and sexy sandals.

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From Fratelli Prada To Fashion Giants

Prada is a luxury Italian fashion house which specialises in leather goods, footwear and clothing. Founded in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada, the house comes from humble beginnings. Initially named Fratelli Prada as an homage to the two brothers, the business specialized in hand-crafted leather goods. They also imported and resold travel cases and steamer trunks from England. Mario Prada had dreams of the shop becoming a family business, eyeing his son for the position of top-dog. He had no interest in his daughters inheriting a place in Prada, believing women to have no business in the world of business - at that time in history, women were considered too emotional to partake in such things. Unfortunately for him, his son rejected the path that Mario had set for him, and Prada was placed in the hands of Mario’s daughter Luisa instead. She ran the business for twenty years, eventually handing the crown to her own daughter Miuccia. If Mario could see what Miuccia has done for his small-time family business, he’d definitely reconsider his stance on women in business! Miuccia took a floundering Prada and turned it into a global empire, one that’s still standing over 100 years since its founding.

Stunning Shoes With Attitude

Prada’s shoe collections emulate all of the sophistication and sublime style that the brand is famous for. Prada boots, heels and flats are all made from the highest-quality leathers, suedes and other finite materials, giving off an air of elite style and exclusivity. You can feel it when you’re pulling on a pair of Prada pumps or peeptoes; everything the brand has learned from a century in business goes into those stunning shoes. Following sleek, feminine structures and adding a dash of sex appeal, Prada’s aesthetic is a mish-mash of classic femininity and provocative, modern style. Their shoes are the perfect balance between class and sass, and are suitable for day-wear and dressing up. If you’re a fan of their awe-inspiring, confident image then you should get yourself a coveted pair of Prada ankle boots - trust us, they’re worth it.

Prada Flat Sandals Today

Today, Prada’s shoe collections are more popular than ever thanks to the innovative, avant-garde spirit of the house. Prada slippers and ballerinas are the ultimate in everyday luxury, lending themselves to the image of a confident, well-put together woman. Everyone in Hollywood has been repping Prada lately, with the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid opting of a pair of their fabulous shoes.