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Prada pumps and peeptoes simply ooze attitude. The prestigious label has been making waves with their provocative pumps and sexy stilettos for the last handful of decades, offering poised elegance with a twist of promiscuity.

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Last update on: 07/20/2018, 3:15 PM

The History of Prada Footwear

Prada was founded as a single shop-front in Milan, Italy by Mario Prada In 1913. Over the next century the label would grow from a travel-luggage importer to one of the most recognizable clothing labels on the planet. Now known for their collections of killer heels and stunning bags, the first collection of Prada footwear did not make its debut until 1982 surprisingly enough. Since that first collection, however, the popularity of Prada ankle boots and other styles has skyrocketed. The brand’s classic yet killer approach to stilettos, boots, flats, pumps and peeptoes has ensured that their footwear is their hottest commodity. Today Prada boots, wedges, pumps and peeptoes are considered a symbol of elite fashion - the kind of style that money can’t buy.

The Prestige of Prada

From the former Italian Royal Family to internationally acclaimed actresses, Prada has dressed the best of the best over the last 100 years. Beginning in 1919, the brand was given the role of “Official Supplier to the Italian Royal Household”. This massive honour was the first leg up Prada ever got, and the only one they needed. Since then the brand has been putting Prada wedges and clothing on the bodies of the world’s elite. They’ve dressed people including Uma Thurman, Anne Hathaway and Lupita Nyong'o for the Academy Awards, offering their opulence for the occasion each and every year. They’ve even dressed the devil, apparently! Prada’s name has borne an unprecedented amount of respect since 1919, and today they remain topping best-dressed lists, draping the world’s most stylish individuals in their creations.

Sleek, Sexy and Sophisticated

Prada pumps and peeptoes simply scream sexy. Their elegant, sleek style and killer attitude are a winning combination, providing endless collections of stunning stilettos and perfect pumps to pore over. If you’re a woman who likes to make an impression - at the office, at parties, even in the bedroom - you need to be wearing a pair of Prada pumps. There’s a very good reason their shoes are their most popular item; timeless and classic without compromising on attitude. Many celebrities have been spotted strutting their stuff in a pair of Prada’s signature heels including Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian.

Prada Pumps and Peeptoes Today

As Prada remain at the top of their game with over 40 stores across the world, the popularity of Prada pumps and peeptoes continues to skyrocket. Treating yourself to a pair of heels from Prada is certainly worth it - they’ll add an attitude and an aesthetic to your outfits that is hard to match.