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Prada Jewellery Second Hand

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Clothes, shoes and jewellery are the most indispensable belongings of any woman when it comes to fashion. Those are the items that can place a nicely complete outfit or even change your look completely. Prada is renowned for its beautiful collection of jewellery which makes any outfit seem elegant.

The hype around the items

Apart from the Prada necklaces that are capable of fully completing the outfit, other jewellery also does the job just as well. There is hardly a fashionable woman in existence who does not have this prestigious brand’s watch, rings, earrings or a Prada bracelet. The hype since last year was built around the double dotted Prada earrings which highlighted the back of your ear. The jewellery itself is made using different stones. The Prada earrings consist of numerous diamonds which are used for both chains and buttons. If the coarser and larger earring is worn, the necklace complements the accessory very well. However, wearing lots of bracelets in addition to the large type of earrings is not recommended since then it looks a bit excessive.

How it all started

In 1913, Mario Prada and his brother opened their first boutique in Milan, Italy. Their focus at that time was mainly on creating exclusive travel bags and accessories. Through their innovative design and the use of quality materials, they were soon famous in Italy. In 1919, the fashion house was named the official supplier of the royal family. After the death of Mario in 1958, his daughter inherited the established fashion house. However, the real success of the esteemed fashion house began when the granddaughter of Mario, Miuccia who gave a massive twist to the existing designs of the fashion house. Together with her husband, she opened a subsidiary in its own name called "Miu Miu" which has since greatly expanded the range of quality products offered by Prada. New lines of clothes, shoes and bags combined with jewellery and accessories offered a wide range of collections from where Prada lovers can dress from head to toe in the iconic accessories and apparel of the brand.

Jewellery Prada now

This season, the label released a new collection of jewellery. The brand’s own rich history of its fashion house was the inspiration behind this special capsule line. From old collections, new ideas were inspired. Previously processed crocodile leather and studs in the jewellery are presented as the latest collection pendants with precious stones and a crocodile leather bracelets.

The Prada jewellery at REBELLE

Fashion addicts who currently desire jewellery for work or parties, can find a wide range of second-hand jewellery on REBELLE. Thanks to the quality control exercised by REBELLE on the quality and authenticity of each item, all items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable.

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