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Used Prada Glasses of verified quality

Prada Glasses Second Hand

Prada glasses are among the most vibrant, shiny and eccentric accessories available. The brand often anticipates and influences future trends; from sophisticated designs with precious details to vintage models proposed in different, original nuances. The brand offers a great collection for those who want to be cloaked by aristocratic elegance. More about Prada Glasses >

Second Hand Prada Glasses UK

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Your designer behind the design

Behind the fantastic designs of the glasses offered by this world-famous brand was a legendary fashion designer. Mario Prada and his brother Martino opened a shop for leather goods in 1913. Their first office in Milan wasn’t very big and they sold trunks and handbags that were imported from England. Ironically, Mario found that women did not belong in business. However, his daughter Luisa became the owner of the big fashion company and was about 20 years old at the time her father passed away. The fashion house remained a family company in 1978, and Luisa’s daughter Miuccia took charge of the company. Miuccia, Mario’s granddaughter, began making and selling waterproof backpacks. In 1977, she met an Italian man named Patrizio Bertelli, who had opened a leather goods store. He made sure that Miuccia got more insight into the use of leather and advised her about existing collections. The fashion house was a success thanks to this early collaboration. Miuccia soon wanted to design her own line and launched Miu Miu in 1993. Prada makes beautiful collections including accessories and the beautiful designs include the glamorous Prada scarves and shawls.

The so-called "Minimal Baroque”

This model of glasses is a real gem. It is not merely glasses but also an artistic item. The front has big round glasses and the side shows an elegant swirl. The glasses are spotted most in the black variant. In addition to this popular colour, there are 11 different variants to choose from, such as brown with a PCB or black glass with brown legs. Within this collection, two different designs can be found; one with a circular frame and another which is square at the top and round at the bottom. The first design looks calmer while the second pair of glasses is unique and has a striking look which makes this version perfect. The colours and styles offered by these sunglasses designed by Miuccia can be seen in her collections. Big stars like Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have been spotted wearing these glasses.

Used eyeglasses at REBELLE

On REBELLE, customers will find a wide range of the most amazing spectacles. Select the colour, condition, price and material and find the glasses that suit the look. REBELLE has a huge range of second hand designer items. Besides beautiful glasses, customers can also check out the luxurious [Prada bags and purses](/en/prada/ bags-and-purses to complete their outfit.

Styling tips

Customers who have already found a nice pair of glasses face endless possibilities to combine the glasses with. Big glasses in combination with a beautiful garment, for example, a scarf tied around the neck gives a chic look. Fashionistas will be ready for any occasion reflecting a stylish look.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel