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Prada Boots Second Hand

One of the best-loved brands in the fashion world, Prada’s penchant for fine materials and elegant, awe-inspiring style has bred some beautiful collections of boots. Make your entrance in style with a pair of their beautiful suede boots which offer enough eye-catching style to upgrade any outfit. More about Prada Boots >

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From Basements To Ballgowns

Prada is a luxury Italian fashion house which specialises in leather goods, footwear and clothing. Founded in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada, the house comes from humble beginnings. The brothers set up a leather-goods shop named Fratelli Prada in Italy, selling their own wares as well as imported trunks, handbags and travel cases. Mario wanted to make the business a family affair but had no interest in inviting female members of the Prada family to work with him. He believed women had no head for such things. It’s ironic then that only his daughter Luisa wanted to take over the house after him in 1970. In turn her daughter Miuccia took over seven years later and turned Prada into a worldwide phenomenon.

Prada’s Entrance Into High-Fashion

Under Miuccia and her partner Patrizio Bertelli, Prada has blossomed from a family-run business residing in Italy to one of the biggest names in high fashion worldwide. Miuccia and Patrizio devised a plan to take the house global, beginning with a line of bags released in 1979. Miuccia’s creativity and belief in the brand paid off, and Prada began to gain traction. In 1984 the first line of footwear was released, containing the first pairs of Prada pumps and peeptoes, sandals and boots. Prada’s superstar-status was cemented throughout the 90s as celebrities picked up on the trend, and today Prada continues to be an uber-popular label amongst the fashion elite.

The Pure Brilliance of Prada Boots

Prada’s boots emulate all of the sophistication and sublime style that the brand is famous for. Made from the highest-quality leathers, suedes and other finite materials Prada’s ankle boots ooze luxury. You can feel it when you’re pulling on a pair; everything the brand has learned from a century in business goes into those leather boots. Following sleek, feminine structures and adding a dash of sex appeal, Prada’s aesthetic is a mish-mash of classic femininity and provocative, modern style. Their boots are the perfect balance between class and sass, and are suitable for day-wear and dressing up.

Prada Boots Today

Prada is still designing and manufacturing distinguished, delightful collections of boots today, and celebrities continue to wear them on the daily. Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna are amongst the countless ladies who’ve been seen pounding the pavements in a pair of Prada boots recently, as well as Prada trainers, flats and heels. Thigh-high leather, lace-up suede, funky ankle booties - whatever your style is, if you wanna make an impression then make sure they’re Prada.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel