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Used Prada Blazers of verified quality

Prada Blazers Second Hand

Prada is one name that perpetually tops lists around the world, whether it be wish lists or best-dressed ones. The brand is favoured for its avant-garde approach to classic feminine fashion and has always strived to deliver nothing but excellence. More about Prada Blazers >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Miuccia Prada, Fashion Powerhouse

Italian designer and businesswoman Miuccia Prada is best known for her work as CEO and Creative Director of the house of Prada. Miuccia was born in Italy into the revered Prada family, however she initially rejected the notion of joining the family business in favour of a career in politics. She studied political sciences for a time before changing her mind drastically and pursuing the art of Miming, which she studied for five years. Evidently a colourful character with a big personality, Miuccia’s takeover of Prada in 1978 has proved to be nothing but positive for the company. When Miuccia joined, business was on a downward trajectory; the world was moving towards the cult of designer brands, and Prada was being forgotten in favour of flashy new houses. However Miuccia, alongside businessman and later husband Patrizio Bertelli, turned the company around beginning with lines of backpacks. Over three decades on and Prada is booming, a veritable giant in the world of fashion. The label has become synonymous with cutting-edge Italian fashion, and Prada dresses, tops and skirts make appearances on the red carpets of every big event.

Preened To Perfection

Prada has been intertwined with Italian fashion since the company began in the early 21st century. Famed for their quality, innovation and dedication, the house has developed a rich, intoxicating aesthetic that has become a defining feature of Italian style. The house has a fondness for mixing the old with the new, redeveloping classic styles with twists of contemporary fashion. Rich, draping cuts of fine materials are used to create a classically feminine silhouette, ensuring that a sense of femininity always shines through. The brand favours bold, daring colours and hues, preferring to make a statement with each Prada top, skirt and blouse. If you’re a fan of fine, fabulous fashion than you need to invest in a Prada jacket or coat - versatile, edgy and daring, anything with the Prada name attached is guaranteed to turn every head in the room.

Prada Blazers Today

The name Prada is still very much a household name today. Between dressing the who’s who of Hollywood for every event under the sun, as well as being referenced culturally in films such as The Devil Wears Prada, the house is hard to forget. If you’re considering expanding your designer wardrobe, you definitely should have a statement [Prada skirt](/en/prada/skirts or pair of shorts in there somewhere.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel