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Used Prada Belts of verified quality

Prada Belts Second Hand

A flourishing example of Italian fashion since the 1970s, Prada’s contribution to style is immeasurable and incandescent. The house specialises in strong, sleek accents, crafting gorgeous belts, bags and other items from fine leather and gleaming gold, the perfect compliment to any cutting-edge outfit. More about Prada Belts >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Inside The Mind of Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada is an Italian fashion designer and businesswoman responsible for the running of the house of Prada as well as the label Miu Miu. Born in 1949 into the prestigious Prada family, Miuccia’s mind was far away from the family business in her youth. As an adolescent she joined the Communist Party, making a name for herself as a staunch feminist throughout her time in University. She earned a phD in Political Science before changing tack and studying the art of Miming for five years. In 1978 however, she experienced yet another change of heart. She took over the house of Prada from her mother Luisa, a business that at the time was struggling to keep hold of their customer base. Miuccia, alongside her partner Patrizio Bertelli, took on the challenge of turning the company into a household name. Beginning with a line of inspired Prada bags and purses Miuccia used her brilliant mind and exuberant personality to reform Prada from the ground up. Under Miuccia the house of Prada has thrived, growing from a small-time family company to the biggest corporation in high-fashion. As well as maintaining lines of Prada sunglasses, clothes, bags and other items Miuccia runs Miu Miu and oversees the running of several other high-profile labels - Jill Sander, Fendi and countless other brands now fall under the Prada umbrella. Miuccia continues to run her empire today.

The Favourites in Italian Fashion

Prada has always been the pinnacle of sleek Italian style, giving off an attitude that other brands just can’t match. The house devotes its time and expertise to developing cutting-edge lines of Prada scarves and shawls, belts and other stunning accessories. Each Prada accent is cut from the finest leather, suede and precious metals, melded together to create style that steals the show. The house has been a favourite of uber-stylish women for decades now, and it’s plain to see why when browsing their products. Sleek, urbane style meets traditional Italian artisanship within their collections; each line is contemporary and chic while never compromising on integrity, something which Prada has long upheld as the lynchpin of their label.

Prada Belts Today

As the house enters its second century in business it shows no signs of slowing down. New collections make their debut each fashion season, gracing the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week and wowing the massive crowds that gather. Celebrities have always been enamoured with their designs - Sienna Miller, Miranda Kerr and countless other stylish ladies have chosen Prada gloves and accessories over lesser brands on many occasions.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel