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Used Prada Bags and Purses of verified quality

Prada Bags and Purses Second Hand

Prada has been delivering fine, fabulous accessories to the world since the company’s rejuvenation under Miuccia Prada in the 1970s. The house has been responsible for some of the trendiest, most flawless gloves, scarves and bags in modern times, finding favour amongst the world’s most stylish women. More about Prada Bags and Purses >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

The Founding Family

The secret to Prada’s success lies in the strength of the founding family. In 1913 brother Mario and Martino Prada decided to go into business together, combining their knowledge and expertise of leather goods to build a lasting family-run company. Since then Prada has continually remained in the hands of a descendant of Mario’s, albeit not exactly the way he intended it. Mario’s wish was to pass his legacy into the hand of his son and didn’t agree with women taking on roles in business. However, his son wished to steer clear of Prada altogether so the company went to his daughter instead. Luisa Prada took control of Prada and rand it for twenty years, bringing her own daughter Miuccia on-board in the early 1970s. When Luisa retired Miuccia took over, and alongside her partner Patrizio Bertelli she began to take the business to the next level. She began to usher in a new era for both Prada and Italian fashion in general, moving in a sleek and innovative direction. Today the Prada name is a heavyweight in high-fashion with a legacy that will last centuries.

The Secret To Prada’s Perfect Style

From the launch of Miuccia’s first line of bags in 1979 to the present day, Prada’s accessories have been ambassadors of beauty, esteem and status. Made from the richest, finest cuts of leather and suede while decorated with precious, refined metals, Prada belts, gloves and other accessories are the perfect it-pieces for any stylish woman. The house of Prada has always been an advocate of elite, flawless fashion and their accessories range is no different. Since the release of the first line of Prada scarves and shawls, their accessories have been selling out around the world. Prada are known for taking classic fashion and giving it a twist of cool, contemporary style, updating traditional femininity for the modern world.

Prada Bags and Purses Today

Today under the guidance of Miuccia Prada the business continues to thrive, dominating the Italian fashion market with their creations. Prada accessories are still in as high demand as they ever were, being sported by the world’s elite on a daily basis. Everyone from Karlie Kloss to Anne Hathaway had opted for a Prada piece in recent times, wearing the brand to every occasion.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel